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Being a parent, or loved of one, of an addict or alcoholic who is in active addiction or early recovery can be overwhelming. The constant worry and fears, the failed attempts at getting them to see the damage they are causing, financial drain, and emotional breakdowns are just a few of the examples of what it is like. The truth is though, if you have not had to experience it, you will never know. If you have, then you know all too well, and finding useful and helpful information to help you deal with these issues can be just as difficult. Fortunately, we have gathered a lot of great information for you that will not only help you help them, but also help you heal, too.

Please take a moment to read each of these articles below. If you still have questions or need advice/help, feel free to contact us on Facebook, send us a message, and connect with one of our amazing Watershed Recovery staff members for support.

Recovery Resources For Loved Ones

Definition of Alcoholism: What Is An Alcoholic?

ASAM: Addiction Is A Disease

Alcohol Is Not The Alcoholics Problem

Addictive Drugs: Which Prescription Drugs Are Addictive?

Suicide Prevention: Know The Signs

The 5 Stages of Recovery from Addiction

To The Parents Of An Addict Or Alcoholic

Enabling & Loving Your Addict/Alcoholic To Death

Enabling The Personality Of An Addict/Alcoholic

How To Heal From My Loved One’s Addiction

Addiction Affects The Whole Family

You are not alone and the most important thing you can do when helping your loved one who may be in or out of addiction, is to take care of you, too.

Make sure you are attending a 12-Step fellowship specifically designed for those who are affected by addiction: Al-Anon (sister program of Alcoholics Anonymous) or Nar-Anon (sister program of Narcotics Anonymous).

Also, don’t forget to ask for help, take suggestions, and allow professionals to guide you. Doing this alone can cause more harm to the whole family, so be sure to gather as much support as you can.

Each person’s journey is unique and different, but these articles can at least help guide you in the right direction.  The best advice we can give you is to never give up, gather as much support as you can, and ask/reach out for help. You are not alone and you are deserving of healing as well.

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