The serenity prayer isn’t just for those in recovery; it can work for you, too.

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The Serenity Prayer

Peace of mind

The words in the serenity prayer allow individuals sanctuary as they submit to their own conception of faith to release worry over any arising trials and tribulations that they may be headed into for that day.

Helps with acceptance

The phrasing of the prayer ignites acceptance. The importance in letting go of what cannot be changed in an individual’s life is loud and clear while it highlights what can and should be. The individual is encouraged to make the effort to rectify harm wherever possible by doing so.

Allows humility to take place

It comes in handy when you are coping with an addict or alcoholic. It helps to remind you that you cannot fix anyone. You are only human.

Raises the spirit

Empowerment is also demonstrated in the prayer. When an individual recites the prayer, phrases accentuate how crucial it is for an individual to be “living one day at a time” because the past has already gone and the future hasn’t yet occurred, so all the individual has is what is currently ongoing. This can provide hope as they surrender toward the “pathway to peace.”

Builds courage and strength

As with affirmations, the repetition of prayers can be similar. When an individual recites repetitively, they may notice built up positive feelings, like courage. Strength can be brought over time. It works the same as it would if they were to look in the mirror, tell themselves they are a strong, resilient individual, and start to believe it.

Provides wisdom from a greater place

The serenity prayer can bring wisdom. Being able to recite this every day can help remind the individual to be aware of what specific areas the individual does and does not have the ability to control.


The serenity prayer teaches stabilization and equivalence in the world. The prayer explains that where there is wrong, there is also good, which is how there is balance in the world and a sense of gratitude to be understood. Serenity can teach these valuable lessons.

Ease and comfort

When you really hear the words to the prayer it brings great comfort. The idea and full understanding that you cannot control everything is freeing.

Spiritual growth

The prayer teaches individuals about principles that relates to heavy themes about holding faith, gratitude, serenity, and trust. These are important and central topics ascertaining to ethics and morals leading to enhancing one’s spirituality.

Feeds faith

Just as reciting the serenity prayer can further spiritual growth, it can additionally heighten faith. When stressed out or in doubt, try meditation and the practice of reciting the serenity prayer over and over again until all the negative thoughts and doubts have slowed down.

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