There’s nothing more defeating than feelings of guilt. The relationship that guilt has with shame, avoidance, and denial is dominating, especially when it comes to dealing with an active addict or alcoholic.

Stop Feeling Guilty

It’s safe to assume nearly all people who deal with a suffering addict/alcoholic can relate to feelings of guilt. It can be painful to literally watch your loved one kill themselves with drugs or alcohol, but it’s important to understand that you cannot save your loved one without help and their disease is not your fault.

Stop Feeling Shameful

Your loved one is suffering from the disease of addiction. They are not abusing drugs or alcohol because you failed or because they lack morals. They are abusing substances because they have a progressive brain disease and body allergy that makes them crave more even when they don’t want to. Understanding this fact is the first step towards healing for you and your family.

Stop Enabling

You can show your loved one support without enabling their drug or alcohol addiction. Providing them with resources to help get clean and sober are excellent ways to helping them recover.

Stop Living In Denial

If you know your loved one is abusing substances, stop pretending they aren’t or ignoring the facts. They are most likely in denial themselves and need someone to help guide them towards recovery and treatment, so arm yourself with all the facts to help them do just that.

It is true that an addict and alcoholic has to want recovery more than those who want it for them, but that doesn’t mean you can’t support them in the right direction and let them know that there is hope and healing when they are ready to give up the fight of addiction.

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