Reconnecting With Family In Recovery From Addiction


The impact of reconnecting with family for an individual who is struggling with an addiction to alcohol and/or drugs can play a critical role that pulls the addict along.  When addicts are active in their disease abusing substances, it’s more likely than not that they turn away from their loved ones and resort to using heavily.  The obsession grows so strong that they begin to struggle with typical daily routine functions.  After coming into recovery and beginning to work on themselves, these individuals may see how rebonding with loved ones like their family has been a gift provided by recovery.

Reconnecting with Family

A great aspect about recovery is that wounds can heal and bonds begin to be reinstated through serious work being done.  When alcoholics and addicts are active in their disease, they display menacing and vile behaviors because they are sick.  In the process of recovery, they have the ability to take an introspective look at their patterns, actions, decisions, and behaviors long enough to think twice about their true motives.  They are no longer running the show and they are fully, entirely aware of this.  This means these individuals can allow other people to become involved in their lives.  They don’t have to do life alone but instead can live their lives together and be involved as a community.  This highlights the importance of reconnecting with family during the process of recovery.  Though not every addicted individual gets their loved one’s unconditional support, it’s special when they are able to bond with their family once again.  The process of reconnecting with family is incredible because it can help motivate the individual when they are struggling most and pull them along during a difficult period of time.

Why is having family involved important?

Reconnecting with family can be helpful because addicts and/or alcoholics require support from loved ones during this strenuous time of emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual disruption.  Having family to act as beacon of support can prove to be necessary when an addicted individual is having difficulty combatting their troublesome and anxious nature that is lurking from within.  When active in their disease, these individuals were likely to have kept to themselves and strayed away from pleasurable activities with their loved ones.  Rekindling the lost relationship is one of the best parts about the recovery process because they get to redevelop the relationship with them in the most authentic way.  These individuals get to truly know who their loved ones are instead of having screaming matches with them, taking from them, going against their wishes, sneaking around, or manipulating.  However, families should beware of providing too much help because this can be enabling, which is in return debilitating to their loved one.  Confrontations and interventions have however been proven to be effective when addressing substance use issues.

Reconnecting with family plays a critical and valuable part of the recovery process for addicts and alcoholics who are striving to recover from their addiction.  Addiction has the ability to impact individuals in significant ways so re-establishing relationships like the ones with their family members can prove to enhance their overall well-being and aid in stability.

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