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4th of July Safety Tips For Your Loved One In Recovery


The 4th of July is well on its way and you may be anxious about how the day will go because your loved one is in early recovery for their alcoholism.  Getting information like 4th of July safety tips can benefit you greatly because it can help you notice if the behavior your addicted loved one isn’t quite right.  With this, discovering ways that you can best be supportive instead can also additionally help to ease your own mind as a loved one of an alcoholic so that you can instead provide comfort to them during the holiday that should be spent being present with them.

4th of July Safety Tips

If your loved one is suffering from alcoholism, then the best way you can help show support for them is by learning about their illness.  By understanding what may trigger them during this upcoming 4th of July holiday, you can veer away from presenting them with temptations and instead help them be capable of their full potential.  Getting properly educated about their disease of alcoholism can involve you beginning to know what early warning signs of a drinking relapse may look like.  You might remember what it looked like when they were active in their alcoholism, but you may not know about some of these 4th of July safety tips, precautions, and trigger warnings.

Keep an effective and good line of communication

It shouldn’t come as much surprise that when there is conflict in the family, there is greater possibility of an addicted individual becoming involved in unhealthy behaviors, which may mean they will resort back to drinking.  This is why you should do your best to do your own part by remaining loving, patient, and tolerant in your own respect.  Maintaining relationships is an important aspect in life because these connections keep people thriving through all types of circumstances whether they are good or bad.  Part of having a relationship with your loved one in their sobriety now should involve you setting boundaries.  A good 4th of July safety tip might be to have them let you know where they will be going if they separate from you as a courtesy.

Monitor your own alcohol use

If you are a casual drinker, drinking alcohol around your loved one who is in early recovery for alcoholism can be dicy as you wonder whether you are subjecting them to temptation or inadvertently pressuring them.  If you were planning on spending all of the 4th of July time with your loved one, then a good idea may be not to drink around them, especially if it’s just going to be you and your loved one.  However, if it’s a large family gathering and there’s going to be drinks there, a good suggestion may be to try to re-direct the focus so that the 4th of July celebration isn’t central to any presentation of liquor or beer on a table but rather on the gathering of the family.  Another helpful recommendation would be to discuss the 4th of July celebration beforehand with your loved one and see how they feel about there being alcohol at the party.  It may be too soon in their sobriety to be exposed to people drinking publicly, but the reality is that an alcoholic shouldn’t have to avoid a setting where drinking is involved because shielding may only end up worsening the individual.

When it comes to being with your loved one on the holiday, celebrating with these 4th of July safety tips should prove to help you have a blast!  There’s nothing greater than getting to spend time with your loved one and having them be able to actually be emotionally, mentally, and physically aware of what’s going on around them now that they are sober.

Are you still concerned about your loved one’s behaviors because you think they are back drinking again?  Contact The Watershed today for help.


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