It can be frustrating when you are dealing with an addict who just will not listen, especially if you know the horrific path they are heading down. Here are some simple suggestions when dealing with a stubborn addict.

The Addict Who Doesn’t Listen

The only requirement for membership in any Twelve Step-based program is a desire to stop drinking and abusing substances, which goes to show that willingness is essential.  If an individual isn’t willing to recover from their ailment, then it can become difficult for the addict to hear the suggestions you are giving them.  

Be Patient

Though it may be frustrating, you may need to give the individual time. They may not be ready to be taking suggestions that you mentioned just yet.  Being patient and loving the person where they are at until they are capable of loving themselves is part of the recovery process.

Be Supportive

It’s important not to undermine an addict’s success.  Focusing even on small milestones in their recovery can be a great motivator, especially if they aren’t ambitious about taking suggestions.  It’s not too uncommon that addicts won’t want to listen to what other people have to say when they are in the early stages of their recovery.  Making sure that the suggestions you have for the individual are simply just offered as advice and not commands is another important part because it shows that you care. The key is to show support with enabling or being codependent.

Honesty, open-mindedness, and willingness are essential components of the equation when it comes to recovering from the disease of addiction.  It can be a complex matter when having to deal with someone who is unwilling to listen and be open to suggestions, so you’ll have to be mindful that the individual is suffering from an actual illness not a moral dilemma.

Be Prepared

Help the addict in your life by educating yourself about the disease of addiction and being equipped with the facts and information so that when they are ready for help you are prepared. If you are unsure how to get prepared, chat live with us now!

There is no cookie cutter answer when it comes to how to handle an addict who is just not willing to take suggestions, remember to also follow your heart and gut and keep reaching out for help! Try attending Al-Anon or Nar-Anon for additional support as well. The more your reach out for help and suggestions, the support you will receive. 


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