When it comes to how to help someone with addiction like your loved one, understanding the disease of addiction is as important as supporting them.

How to Help Someone with Addiction

Having a loved one suffer from an addiction to alcohol and/or drugs can be daunting while individuals in society are often left wondering how to help someone with addiction.  Learning about addiction and how it manifests itself is one of the most productive actions you can take if your loved one is suffering from the illness. 

Addiction is a family disease

The reality is that when one member of the family becomes affected by the disease of addiction, the entire family becomes impaired.  Changes that occur in that family member create conflict for all other members.  Battle lines begin to be drawn within the family and this is where initiation of support is desperately needed most but instead it can come out as anger, frustration, and fear.  Addiction is a progressive disease where the pain will become greater the longer it continues to go ignored and fails to get properly addressed.  Living with loved ones when they don’t want to recover and are in active addiction can be devastating for you as part of the family because each day could begin with you waking up wondering if that will be the last day with them and then each night could be left with you questioning where they are when they don’t come home at night.  The amount of time that gets spent in horror and obsession isn’t fair to you.  It’s not fair to your loved one either because the relationship in the family gets torn apart when the bond between both you and your loved one needs to be strengthened more than ever.

Learning about what you don’t want to hear

Addiction can be devastating because it can mean stumbling upon harsh realties.  It may be brutal for you to come to the realization that money was taken from you by your loved one to feed their habit, your belongings were rummaged through, and substances were abused in your own home.  Facing facts that you don’t necessarily want to believe are true can actually allow you to move forward and best support your loved one.  This doesn’t mean you have to instantly forgive or hold these against your loved one.  You should understand however that your loved one is sick with an illness and wasn’t committing these actions against you out of spite.  When you discover what your loved one has done, it should open your eyes to how addiction has manifested in your loved one’s life and taken over absolute control.

It’s imperative for you to step in and address your concerns with your loved one.  Finding a treatment facility for your loved one to recover from their addiction will start them on the path toward the process of recovery.  If your loved one is hesitant, don’t lose hope.  Your loved one’s recovery is dependent on their willingness to recover from their addiction and it’s important that you remember their journey during recovery is their own walk.  When it comes to how to help someone with addiction like your loved one, you have to remember: you can’t control it, you didn’t cause it, and you can’t cure it!

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