How Long Does It Take To Break Addiction?


How long does it take to break an addiction to alcohol and/or drugs?  If your loved one is suffering from an alcohol and/or drug addiction, you may find yourself asking this question over and over.  Recovery isn’t an easy matter comparable to putting a date down on a calendar or setting a timer for a meal that was placed in the oven.  It is, however, a process for your loved one as long as they remain willing to recover once they move forward working diligently on themselves with rigorous and thorough honesty.

Breaking A Bad Habit

The recovery process from an alcohol and/or drug addiction may be different for everyone.  Seeking help to properly treat the addiction is the most effective way to handle the matter.  This can begin with starting off at a medical detoxification program, inpatient rehabilitation facility, and residential program, where your loved one may later  switch to a partial hospitalization program, move to an intensive outpatient program, or eventually transition to a halfway house living environment.  This structure is designed to integrate your loved one back into society slowly.  It is in these types of safe environments that traditional therapies can be administered and offered to your loved one by working on the core, underlying root cause of their illness that may have driven them to turn to substances as a crutch to cope with the business of living.  Working a twelve-step program and attending meetings is also suggested so that your loved one will have an opportunity to look at the different areas of unmanageability creating chaos in their lives and instead be able to have a new solution for living.  Your loved one may notice relief from the obsession to drink alcohol and/or abuse drugs early on.  However, some alcoholics and/or addicts don’t find relief as quickly along in the process of recovery as others do.  Each individual has their own journey while recovering and it is their own.

Understanding Addiction

In order to truly grasp the recovery process of your loved one, you should try your best to understand the disease of addiction.  The truth about addiction is that your loved one does not display signs of moral failure but rather has an actual brain disease that requires treatment.  This course of treatment is one that needs healing from both the mind and body.  It is important to know that your loved one didn’t become addicted in an instant and they may not recover as quickly either.  As long as your loved one continues to work diligently by putting one foot in front of the other and consciously works toward bettering themselves, then more freedom should come over time.

How long does it take to break an addiction?  When it comes to your loved one being addicted to alcohol and/or drugs, the recovery process isn’t contingent on a specific deadline.  Your loved one will recover from their addiction in the amount of time that it takes for them to be willing to dive into doing the work on themselves.  It’s going to take your loved one the amount of necessary time it takes them and this may mean it requires them to continually take daily reprieves to keep in check of themselves.

Are you unsure where to turn for the process of your recovery from active addiction to alcohol and/or drugs?  Contact The Watershed Addiction Treatment Programs for help today where substance use disorders are addressed as the illnesses they are.  Hope is never so lost it can’t be found, so chat live with us now!


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