How to Overcome Fear of Your Loved One’s Battle with Addiction

Finding the capability within you to overcome fear and face the reality of your loved one’s addiction may seem impossible.  After collapse and despair was thrown before you when you discovered that you were in fact actually dealing with your loved one suffering from the menacing disease of addiction, you had to come to realize that you would be in for the long haul of perseverance, patience, and acceptance whether you were ready for it or not.

Overcome Fear to Live Freely In Peace

The process to overcome fear is far easier said than done.  It seems only logical that as the loved ones of addicts and/or alcoholics, you would need to toughen up with some thick skin to be courageous and act as their biggest supporter during the most challenging and rockiest course of their life.  Being afraid would naturally weaken both you and the sufferer, but you can’t help but cringe that your loved one is in pain, knowing that they are suffering and you have to watch.  Viewing this as the hard time that it is for both of you will help in the course of the process because if you ignore and shut of the genuine thoughts you’re feeling, you’re blocking sensations that you should be dealing with, which is completely unhealthy.  Dealing with feelings is a vital part of the process.  Addiction is a family disease that stems beyond just the individual addict and/or alcoholic who suffers from the substance use disorder.  It affects the loved ones around them just as much because they are typically involved in and important in their life.  When this can be brought to light and properly handled with its deserving justice, underlying issues are finally given the opportunity to be worked on instead of brushed under the rug or sugar coated like they have been by the addict who continued to use substances for so long in an attempt to subconsciously subdue their emotions and cope with the business of living. 


A huge aspect to conquering the fear associated with your loved one’s addiction and the horrific episodes that tag along with it as a result is acceptance.  Any people, places, or things that create calamity in disturbance throughout this maliciously trifling experience of a process toward recovery for all involved may seem unacceptable, but it is not necessarily up to you to make these hefty decisions.  Recovery encourages the ideal of accepting life on life’s terms, which would prove beneficial even for the loved one’s of recovering addicts and/or alcoholics.  Life is entirely dependent on your perspective of it and your focus shouldn’t be geared on any contingent matters that might subdue your mindset.  Acceptance will be pivotal in setting you free by guiding you in the process to overcome fear in the battle of your loved one’s addiction.

When dealing with how to overcome fear, try not to get too overwhelmed but remember that living afraid will prevent you from being free and keep you from being at peace.  Addiction is serious and shouldn’t be taken lightly, but fear is a dangerous emotion that can quickly cut you off from your loved one and additionally stunt their recovery as a result, so be wary of falling into fear.

Are you concerned because you believe that your loved one is active addiction?  Contact The Watershed at 1-877-975-4837 for more information on how to help them recover.

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