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How To Support My Loved Ones Recovery On Thanksgiving

Showing encouraging messages of support for your loved one in recovery from an alcohol and/or drug addiction may pose a challenge for you. Whether they are newly sober or have been in recovery for several years, you may still struggle with how to make them feel comfortable over holidays like Thanksgiving and encourage them while they tackle their daily struggles of living.

Encouraging Messages of Support

Be there

Before you can truly move forward with being supportive of your loved one in recovery on a holiday like Thanksgiving, you should take a closer look into what it means to display encouraging messages of support and what it looks like on both ends to be understanding of one another’s needs. Sometimes showing support can be as simple a gesture as just sitting beside one another when your loved one is agitated. Practicing patience is crucial, particularly in the early phases of their recovery because your loved one is just beginning the process and doesn’t know what to expect. That is where uncomfortable feelings lie and there is great unease. Once they can trudge through this uncertainty, they will hopefully have a better outlook on where they stand.

Don’t give special treatment

When you try to walk on eggshells, be overly kind, or avoid specific statements, you can easily make conversations and the entire day uncomfortable. You can best show support of your loved one by being as authentic as possible. Try not to treat your loved one any differently than you normally would, but do your best to be respectful and courteous of their needs. They may need some space at times, especially if there are other family members or friends around and you notice your loved one getting overwhelmed with anxiety.

Share stories

Being able to communicate with your loved one will show that you are putting in the effort to build and maintain that important relationship with them. There may be disputes and bumps in the relationship ahead, but know that the both of you can get through that if you each remain willing to see from one another’s side. Try to look past any issues that may be ongoing for the holiday so that you can have a pleasant holiday.

Enjoy the time

Understand that holidays can be extremely difficult for those in recovery because it brings out all types of complex emotions and underlying issues. Try to live in the moment and stay positive with your loved one. Thanksgiving is a day for putting emphasis on what you are most appreciative of in life, so be sure you are not taking for granted any of the time you get to spend with your loved one.

Remember that true encouraging messages of support are best directed when they are coming from the heart. Just being able to be present and show up with your loved one for the holiday will show them that you are there for them. Because actions speak louder than words, showing support is vital for your loved one’s recovery process. Having the support of a loved one can strengthen and impact the course of an individual’s recovery tremendously.

Do you find that your loved one is still active in their addiction to alcohol and/or drugs and you are unsure of what to do to help? Contact The Watershed today because the disease of addiction prevents them from being able to be appreciative of living in the present moment and accepting life as it is. Freedom and peace of mind can be found in recovery. The Watershed knows it is possible for your loved one, so contact the leading addiction treatment facility today.


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