Thinking Positive: Changing Your Negative Thoughts

How many times has someone told you that thinking positive is the solution to your problems? Like most people, it may be more than you can count. Although thinking positive isn’t necessarily the epiphany of solutions or great big answer to life, it can benefit your thinking process and weed out unwanted thoughts.

Thinking Positive

The concept behind thinking positive is simple: an optimistic outlook or perspective on a person, place, or thing has potential to make you more appreciative and hopeful. Without negative thoughts circulating throughout your mind, you will find yourself being able to appreciate your life and actually experience each present moment as it happens. When thinking positive, you may find you have a deepened sense of gratitude. During stressful periods in life, it can be a rather quick drop from this to self-pity. It’s not unordinary for a person to get so focused on their problems that they lose touch with thinking positive and being grateful for what they do have. It can be easier to focus on the negative areas in life, like missing a meeting at work or running late for a scheduled event. In the great scheme of life, these things are virtually minimal in importance, but sometimes anxiety takes over and tricks people into thinking that every area of their life is untruthfully a mess, causing them to get all worked up over nothing. With overwhelming and unwanted thoughts, how does a person manage to return to their daily routines and function properly with the business of living?

Canceling Bad Thoughts

A clever technique to derail negative thoughts and focus more on thinking positive ones is to use the zero tolerance policy in your mind. This rule works by you literally stopping and leaving the bad thought alone. You have to force yourself to not think about it, otherwise it will play over and over in your head and you may start to believe these unhealthy lies you tell yourself. If you can’t instantly drop the thought, try to change your focus by distracting yourself with an activity that requires thought, like a crossword puzzle, sodoku, playing a sport, having a conversation with a friend, or writing a story.

Creating and Practicing Affirmations

Just as reciting negative thoughts repeatedly in your mind can brainwash you to believe the false thoughts, the same works when you are thinking positive ones. A positive affirmation is a statement that focuses on a good quality you possess that you can tell yourself every day. The idea is that over time you will accept it. When you can begin to treat yourself kindly like this, you begin the stages of developing a better sense of self-esteem.

Accepting Thoughts

People often believe that their thoughts are who they are, but this is false. The truth is that people need to grasp that thoughts are just thoughts in their mind and in no way shape the person you are, so that they can better filter out the thoughts that do not serve their mindset well. Seeing thoughts separate from the person they are allows them to change to thinking positive.

Once you discover ways like these to reshape your thinking, you can benefit in great ways. Remember, there are some thoughts that you should not be telling yourself. When people are thinking positive, they can have a better quality of life because they will value more areas of their own life and be more inclined to strive for their aspirations.

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