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It's a Package Deal: How Al-Anon Works

How does the program of Al-Anon work? How can people get help when they are going crazy living with the disease of alcoholism? How can life ever get any better when my husband, wife, son, daughter, or close friend is drinking themselves to death?

These are some of the questions that may be asked when people attend their first few meetings of Al-Anon. The insanity of the disease can really do a number on everyone involved and it feels overwhelming. It may even seem as if a solution will never be found. The good news is there is a solution but it may not be the one you are expecting.

One of the first things you will hear about in an Al-Anon meeting is that you are there for you and not the alcoholic. This may surprise new members at first, but if they stick around for a little while, they will come to realize that Al-Anon is the true answer to the many problems that come with alcoholism. There is nothing to be done for the alcoholic unless the alcoholic is willing to take action. The Al-Anon program helps family and friends of alcoholics to find a better way of life.

There are many tools available in Al-Anon. Sponsors, literature, the steps, attending meetings, prayers, the slogans, fellowship with other members – these are just some of the things that can be used to cope with life a day at a time. The sharing that goes on between members can be so beneficial in a multitude of ways. Relating to the stories that members share, feeling the camaraderie in meetings – all of this contributes to recovery. There is no secret formula to this. It all works together in a miraculous way to bring comfort, peace, and serenity to those seeking to recover from the insane disease of alcoholism. As long as members give their best efforts to utilize all of the tools on a daily basis, it will work.

There are times when people have tried to do this on their own and it works for them. But there are others who know in their hearts that they need the fellowship and the reminders in meetings that they are not alone. When one Al-Anon member shares with another, the miracle of recovery works for both people. It truly is a package deal, this Al-Anon program. There are so many tools to choose from and they all contribute greatly to one’s recovery. One day at a time, it becomes a way of life that will bring a sense of peace to your, whether the alcoholic is drinking or not. It could be that Al-Anon is the answer you have been looking for lately. Attend some meetings and see if you can relate to what other members are sharing in the meetings. You may just benefit greatly by joining this worldwide fellowship.

Al-Anon: It may be the best “package deal” around!

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