Common Questions Loved Ones Have About Recovery

There are several common questions that may arise for those who have someone close to them dealing with a drug and/or alcohol addiction. When these matters can be addressed up front, the family and friends of the addict can have more knowledge of how to better handle the disease they are dealing with. When they know how to react and cope with the severity of the illness they are faced to combat, they can come together in unity to further support to the process of the addict’s recovery.

Addressing Common Questions of Addiction

How is addiction a disease?

One of the most common questions asked and debated by professionals, society, families, and even addicts themselves, is the question about regarding how addiction is an illness. Addiction has officially been defined as a chronic brain disease because of the obsessive compulsion that the individual experiences when they are unable to stop acting out on the behavior in spite of negative consequences and continue repeating this vicious pattern uncontrollably. It needs to be continued to be viewed as the mental illness that it truly is.

What purpose do meetings have and how long will the addict have to attend them?

The focus is not so much on the attendance of the meetings, but on the program and principles of the message itself behind them. Fellowships allow alcoholics and/or addicts a solution to recover from their common problem. As far as the length of time is concerned, your loved one who is suffering from the disease of addiction may have to attend these meetings regularly because at these meetings they are encouraged that they can only stay away from the crutch that alcohol and/or drugs provide “one day at a time,” meaning that they only receive a daily reprieve. In other words, they get their daily dose of medicine by attending these meetings and working a solid program by maintaining it.

If they were addicted to drugs only, can they still drink alcohol?

Many addicts have this as one of common questions because they are quick to view alcohol as separate from drugs but alcohol is a drug and this should not be confused. Alcohol is a mind-altering substance and an addict susceptible to that same allergy, which is the adverse reaction to these chemicals that cause the compulsion for the individual to continually use them uncontrollably because ultimately they are powerless over when they pick up that first substance. Even if you don’t think your loved one had a problem with alcohol, the point is that alcohol is a substance and your loved one suffers from the disease of addiction, so they cannot afford to be tampering with the unleashing of the beast that may awaken when playing games of substituting one substance for another.

When will my loved one be cured?

Addiction is a disease with no known cure, but it is treatable. Recovery is a process where individuals may face challenges, which is why they should remain humble and vigilant.

Is your loved one hanging on by a thread and yearning for that next drink and/or drug? Contact The Watershed for help today because help can be found so that it is possible for your loved one to achieve a new life in recovery and live free from the prison of addiction.

Need more support?

Al-Anon – support group for those who are affected by problem drinkers.

Nar-Anon – support group for those who are affected by drug abusers.











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