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Why Is Working With Others So Important In Recovery?


Working with others is a vital aspect for maintaining recovery for alcohol and/or drug addiction.  Helping to pass the message along keeps you from reverting back to old patterns and behaviors yourself because you end up instead living in the solution.  Have you ever noticed how you could be in a complete slump but then come out of it when providing a message of hope for a newcomer?  It may seem like there’s no way out one minute, but then all of a sudden when you see the look on a newcomers face, you are restored to this brand new sense of inspiration.

Working with Others in Recovery

When you are able to see new faces throughout the process of your recovery, it can bring to light how important a recovery program is.  Carrying the message can prove to be a strong and integral part of the process that keeps you sober.  You may come to realize how their milestones lift you up because it provides hope by showing that recovery does truly work; it’s just a process that doesn’t necessarily matriculate at a particular speed.  Recovery happens at a different rate for each individual.  It may happen quickly or slowly, but the addicted individual has the opportunity to recover as long as they remain willing to do the work.  Working with others proves to be an essential part of the process because it is through helping others that selfishness can be subsided long enough for change to take place.  When working with others who are suffering the same malady, you may come to find you are not as innately unique as you had formerly become maladjusted to believing.

Importance of the Newcomer

The newcomer is often thought of as the most important person in the room because the reality is that you are one drink and/or drug away from being right where they are.  It’s imperative when listening to newcomers that you don’t talk down to them – even in your own head.  You should be listening to them without judgement.  Remember the newcomer is a sick individual dealing with the same disease as you and you were once in the same spot they were.  No matter how much time you have in recovery, it doesn’t give you the right to speak down to a newcomer, even if they aren’t following guidelines or have a bad attitude.  Try to treat the newcomer with respect and love them until they can learn to love themselves just as others loved you before you could love yourself.  The beauty about newcomers is they can show you how you once were when you first walked through the recovery door.  It can provide you a mirror image of how you looked when you were just as desperate, broken, sick, and tired wanting to recover from addiction.  Newcomers make it a point that you as an alcoholic and/or addict never forget how severe of a disease you are suffering from.  It’s vital that you continue to help these individuals recover from their malady and pass the message.

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