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Top 10 Recovery Related Books You Must Read


Most individuals in recovery begin with basic works of literature to help guide them along during the recovery process. These are the top 10 works of literature for addicts or alcoholics who are looking to create a better life for themselves.

Alcoholics Anonymous – Big Book

There’s no greater works of literature for alcoholics to follow than the original Alcoholics Anonymous Big Book itself, which kicked off the recovery program in 1939 with founders Bill Wilson and Dr. Bob.  When in doubt, the words of wisdom from The Big Book could carry a sick and suffering alcoholic through a tremendously difficult time.  Bill was in a seemingly hopeless state of mind and body but had been brought to a place of mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual restoration following this program implemented along with the help of other fellow alcoholics.  Reading this book may bring other sick and suffering alcoholics similar experiences, so it has been suggested if individuals want what these people have and are willing to go to any lengths to get it, then they should take these certain steps written in this book.


Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions

Another great work of literature would be the Twelve and Twelve.  This book gives a break down of the Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions that are suggestions from the Alcoholics Anonymous program of recovery so that the individual can best understand it with their sponsor who should be guiding them along during the process.

Living Sober

This is an inspirational book that is filled with a gaping amount of recovered alcoholic’s personal stories.  What could be better than hearing how an individual lives happy, joyous, and free now from alcoholism after hearing what it used to be like and what happened when they were active in their disease?

Drop The Rock

This work of literature is excellent for working on character defects during steps six and seven.  It also focuses on the manifestation of the disease of alcoholism.  The individual ultimately can become hooked on anything and this is why the individual must remain vigilant by constantly being aware of their defects of character, seeing where they are selfish, dishonest, fearful, and resentful.  When reading recovery books, Drop The Rock definitely makes the top 10.

Daily Reflections

Daily Reflections is a collection of inspirational readings for each day of the year that the recovering individual can flip to routinely.  It can help them stay accountable on a regular basis, so they stay on top of their recovery and pull themselves out of a funk if they feel low later in the day.

Alcoholics Anonymous Comes of Age

One of the greatest works of literature for history, Alcoholics Anonymous Comes of Age is great reading recovery material for those looking to learn more about the roots of the program’s foundation.  The book goes into how AA first came about and the principles that the program has stood by from the beginning.

The Spirituality of Imperfection

With intricate stories woven tactfully throughout the book, The Spirituality of Imperfection explains the nature of humanity as being innately flawed.  The book outlines and relates much on recovery-oriented themes.  It is a must read for individuals striving to understand how to accept setbacks and unease so that they can see truth in the conquest to putting significance in their life.

The Language of the Heart

The Language of the Heart holds a collection of Bill Wilson’s works in which he wrote for The Grapevine over the course of several years.

Narcotics Anonymous

The NA Basic Text provides knowledge of the fellowship’s Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions for those suffering from addiction and/or longing to recover.  Modeled after AA steps, the book outlines basic explanation of the program where recovering individuals meet and work steps to communicate about their recovery with other recovering addicts.

Living Clean: The Journey Continues

This book explains multiple aspects, which is how there is a desire to stop using substances, how any addict has potential to stop abusing drugs, and the opportunities for a new way of life to be lived.  This book discusses that a new life is beyond the horizon and explains the beauty in all the types of possibilities that come along with it.

There you have it!  When it comes to reading recovery books, these are the recommended top 10 works of literature for addicts or alcoholics.  If you haven’t checked these phenomenal books out yet, be sure to head over to your local spiritual store, head over by a 12-Step Fellowship meeting to see if you are able to purchase one there, or browse online to find a store you can purchase the books from.

Are you still active in addiction but longing to recover from the seemingly hopeless state of mind and body?  The Watershed wants to help guide you along through the process. 



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