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If you’ve had the bad habit of overanalyzing for most of your life, the thought of how to stop overthinking and living in your head may sound near impossible. Although allowing you the potential to be more in tune with life in general, rampant cycling thoughts can prevent you from focusing on daily tasks that would typically come naturally and living in the present moment. With each thought trampling the next, living in your head like this can drive you to madness. The constant over analyzations can snatch you away from experiences and bring you to believe lies.

Stop Overthinking

You may have found pleasure in overthinking and that is why you find it difficult to stop.
The inadvertent habit has probably provided you relief. By allowing thoughts to continue to excessively pass through your mind, you were probably able to decipher what was going on with your inner deeper self. You can still do this without overdoing your thinking and being over analytical with your thoughts. Try instead to let the thoughts flow through instead of viciously cycling endlessly and taunting you with assumptions or false beliefs. This also creates a safer head space for you so that if you don’t like the thoughts occurring in your mind, you will have the ability to let them slip away without reluctancy. Living in your head has not suited you as well as your thoughts would like you to believe, but the truth is that overthinking is not as simple to stop as the snap of a finger. It requires awareness, patience, and practice. The habit of frequent contemplations didn’t happen overnight and they won’t be instantaneously resolved as quickly either. It is a gradual process of finding a healthier way to process your thinking, not an event of clear pure sane thinking.

Get outside of yourself

The best remedy to get out of your head and remove yourself from selfishness is to give back to others. By focusing on someone else and how you can help them, you pull yourself away from living in your head. You become willing to assist someone else who is in need and develop a care for someone else’s well-being. This compassion will not only life your own spirit up, but it can also make you forget all about your own worries, stressors, and pressing concerns.

Connections with others

It is probable that by living in your head, you have been more focused on your own thoughts than being present in conversations with others. At the grocery store, you may have failed to hold a conversation with the worker checking you at who was attempting to ask you how your day was, or you may have been in a rush on the sidewalk and walked past someone who smiled at you and tried to spark a friendly conversation. If you keep dwelling on the past and over thinking life, you may find yourself missing out on the present. Being authentic with others, building relationships, and connecting with others is an essential part of living that is known for creating lasting happiness. Remember to wake up and smell the roses instead of rushing through life always going about your day through your mind. Do your best to live in the moment and enjoy life exactly where you are.

These are just a couple ways of how to stop overthinking so that you can pull yourself away from the dangers that living in your head may bring. Staying stuck in your cycling thoughts is not an effective way of living long-term. You want to be able to be present and part of the life you are living, not just surviving but actually experiencing and cherishing what life has to offer.



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