Make A Change: How To Improve Your Recovery

Improvement begins with the commitment to make a change in your life. Honestly and earnestly being willing to go the extra mile and get out of your comfort zone to enter the process of recovery from your alcohol and/or drug addiction to admit you had a problem was pivotal. Embarking on this journey to strive toward this new way of living, you found you have the option of reshaping former ideals that no longer serve you. You can move forward to an exciting life that welcomes the enticement of joyous and free living.

Make A Change

Don’t Stop Getting Motivated

Have you reached that point in your recovery where you feel you have plateaued? Being stagnant and still is something to be conscious of. When it comes to what will make people want to make a change most, a driving force usually wedged them to the point where they were exerted to the point of change. Pain is a great example of what usually pushes alcoholics and addicts to seek change the most. Some people become crippled and hurt enough that they are compelled to drastically change their lives. Distress is known to be a great motivator and opportunity for people because it can provide them just what they need to completely retransform their life. Others may not be as fortunate – for lack of a better word – to feel the excruciation of such indecency that brings them to rise above toward spiritual, mental, and emotional growth. Perception is everything. It’s not about the circumstances that happen in a person’s life, but rather how they internalize it. So whatever the situation may be that is going on in your life, get motivated about it and view it as an opportunity rather than a difficulty.

Slow Down, Don’t Be So Busy

You will have more time for what you truly enjoy when you aren’t spending time overexerting yourself squeezing every precious minute out of every day, being sure not to waste it. It probably leaves you more resentful and you may not even realize that you aren’t able to enjoy the present moment that you are in, which is kind of the point.

Don’t Be Afraid to Do Something That Scares You

By getting involved in activities you may not normally do, you will see how widening your horizons and branching out allows you room to grow. When you allow yourself opportunities to grow as an individual in society, you gain insight by building character and adding to your personality to define who you are as a human being. Doing something deemed as scary doesn’t have to be booking plans for skydiving or swimming with sharks in the great Atlantic Ocean. It could be something as seemingly simplistic as picking up your phone, dialing the digits, and calling someone you haven’t talked to in a while because you’ve been afraid they won’t return your call. Maybe you’ve had a fear of completing an education and are debating whether or not you should return to finish because you don’t want to deal with setting yourself up to fail. Failure can bring anyone to the epitome of self-pity as feelings can easily manifest a false conception that proclaims an intensity of endless amounts of worthlessness. Instead of slipping into this disillusionment, allow yourself the chance to try your best to succeed because you will never know until you become willing by getting back out there and putting in the effort to do the work. Robert F. Kennedy once said, “Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly.” You will never know unless you try. The only way you can truly fail is by never trying at all. All in all, life is too short for fears. It may sound cliché, but bringing yourself to go where you haven’t gone before and conquering new areas in life can allow you to develop the nature of your overall being.

Be Passionate and Do What You Love

That is what life is. Find something that provides a gut-wrenching feeling for you when you are involved in it. That is what will make life worth living for you. Whether you can feel it from reading a book, traveling, writing a novel, volunteering, hosting a weekly community event, or painting, make time for your passions and be able to do them. By becoming committed to getting involved in pleasurable activities, you show how passionate and inspired you can be toward life. You have to put meaning into your life in order for it to truly become joyful, so you get out there and take action.

Make a change by taking these small suggestions and noticing a huge change in the long run as a result. The impact will have an indescribable outcome that leaves you feeling satisfied and fulfilled with joy in your life. What could be better than feeling a sense of accomplishment with how you’ve lived your life?

Are you feeling stuck because the only thoughts on your mind are about drugs and/or alcohol? Contact The Watershed today to be freed from the obsession and move toward a life of recovery so you can have a life beyond your wildest dreams away from all mind-altering substances.



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