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It’s A Wonderful Life When You’re In Recovery

With recovery being greatly associated as an altruistic program, individuals in the community can experience double the holiday spirit this holiday season by living in gratitude and continuing to help others attain what was so freely given to them. The gift of recovery is essentially the gift that keeps on giving, which is what makes for a wonderful life beyond the addicts and/or alcoholics wildest dreams. In retrospect and after having some time spent away from mind-altering substances, the individual may have never even fathomed there would have been a holiday where they could have focused on the conversations with their loved ones instead of slipping away to literally slip away to absolute utter intoxication and oblivion.

It’s A Wonderful Life: Working with Others

The holiday season put focus on bringing family, friends, and others together in unity. This is a sentiment that the addict and/or alcoholic might have tarnished in previous years through selfish and self-seeking tendencies, but because of the gifts that the process of recovery has presented in their life, they were rewarded plentifully by being granted the luxury of restored peace with their loved ones. These types of gifts have a feeling of fulfillment all on their own to which is so great that the individual could probably not express to its entire extent in words. Instead of the person stopping here under some false belief it could be a conclusion to their recovery process, the most gratifying aspect of noticeable change in an addict and/or alcoholic is seeing their selfishness slip away when they begin to branch out wanting to help others in some way, shape, or form. It’s such a gratifying experience for an individual in recovery to begin working with other addicts and/or alcoholics essentially because they never initially became sober to help others. They began their recovery process simply because they were running themselves down. Their old life was no longer suiting them and what they were doing wasn’t working. Recovery began because they simply wished to stop using. They cared only for themselves and their needs only, so it was probably never intended that they would ever be helping others to achieve the same. That was an unexpected, but rewarding gift in the end because friends wound up being gained – long-lasting, genuine, compassionate, true friendships. It’s almost too simple for an individual in recovery to have a jolly holiday spirit when they are constantly aware and grateful of this, especially when they look back and reflect on when they were active in their own addiction to alcohol and/or drugs when probably nobody wanted to be near them. Recovery brings a gradual change to the individual and grants them a life where they have authentically built relationships with others. Being able to not only cherish, but maintain and strengthen the bonds made with these people shows the absolute psychic change that occurred in the addict and/or alcoholic. How could you not be living in a happy, joyous, and free holiday spirit when you are relieved of the bondage of self with such wondrous capabilities like that?

The gifts of recovery are endless for the individual in recovery that continues to keep doing the next right thing. Having holiday spirit and the living freely in the present moment are indescribable because nothing can quite explain what it is like for the addict and/or alcoholic to be freed from the prison that was their obsession that latched onto them strong enough to steal them from their own life. There’s truly no greater time than the holidays to be able to rejoice, get around other people in the community, lend a helping hand, reminisce, laugh, and have the absolute best times of your life.

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