Dealing with Jealousy in Family and Relationships

When it comes to family relationships, dealing with jealousy can be a trending theme that almost anyone can easily relate to.  Whether a family member is envious of you or you find yourself jealous over something that has to do with them, the character defect only resides in resentment and thrusts turmoil on both sides of the relationship as a result.  Being aware of these powerful feelings is the beginning step to change, which plays a pivotal role in working on building solid ground for dealing with negative defects that consume and ultimately waste precious otherwise potential useful energy.

Better Ways of Dealing with Jealousy

Coming into recovery from alcohol and/or drugs, many individuals might have hoped and leaned toward any softer, easier way but found there was none.  Sometimes the only way to a peaceful state of mind is by trudging through uncomfortable territory and feeling chaotic unwanted emotions that may leave you distressed at first glance.  After sitting with such feelings, they can be addressed and actually dealt with instead of stuffed away or ignored into an oblivion covered up with the artificial immediate gratifications set to last for a short period of time only to leave you feeling worse later on yet yearning for more.  Now when it comes to character defects like jealousy, there are some tips that can help you avoid slipping into that cycle of envying others or becoming paranoid in self-centered thoughts of why others may be jealous of you.

Silence Is Golden

Having “restraint of pen and tongue” can help avoid some vicious potential arguments that might be aroused by jealousy on either sides of the fence, meaning that they were caused by either you or a member of the family due to the envious, self-seeking thoughts.  With some self-restraint and knowing when to abstain from speaking, some hurtful words can be saved from being said instead of spitting out vengeful words that spark resentment.

Forget Guilt

Sitting in feelings of guilt will keep you sick and amplify feelings of depression.  Jealousy tends to come into full bloom during these intense periods because these are often the times when the lives of others seem far better and comparison sets in all too quickly.  When it comes to dealing with jealousy, don’t sit in self-pity or guilt because the lure is a trap that will keep you stuck in negative feelings.

Practice Mindfulness

Be conscious of the human emotion and understand that awareness of jealousy will help you work on removing the defect.  Patience, tolerance, kindliness, and love should help slip away in gradual ease, but only with constant practice will this change occur.

Refrain from Confrontation

If you know that your family members are typically inclined on dredging up specific details that embarrass or shame you perhaps because they are envious of your newfound sobriety and joy or that you do this to a family member because you are jealous of a physical trait or peaceful state of mind you believe they are in that you feel you are not, do not immediately act out in self-will by turning to confront them.  This can easily make the situation worse if you jump at them trying to solve the matter unprepared.  In fact, sometimes divulging headfirst into the scenario can cause even greater infliction.  Taking matters lightly and not diving in right away pointing fingers can be more effective in some cases; especially where themes like dealing with jealousy is concerned.  It is equally as important to remember that recovery shows individuals that people are neither good nor bad but rather sick just trying to get well.

Do you find that you are sick in active addiction longing to get well but don’t know where to start in your recovery process?  Talk live with someone now for help to put an end to drinking and drugging once and for all.  The time is now to get rid of the obsession that these substances have provided for you and discover a new way of life.


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