Being Grateful: Stop Focusing On Where You Think You “Should” Be


Being grateful is a daily reprieve that can act as ideal medicine when pulling anyone out of a negative head space.  Sometimes getting caught in the vicious lies that the mind can hold is all too easy.

How to Focus On Being Grateful

To combat feelings of self pity and anguish, try to concentrate on the areas of your life that you are thankful for.  This should diminish a significant amount of negativity from your mind and instead transfer thoughts of hopefulness over.  You may find being grateful difficult during times where it is easier to count all the areas wrong in life but this won’t change anything.  When you add positivity into your life, you open your eyes to areas of life that you couldn’t see before. 

Stop Thinking of Where You “Should” Be

When you start thinking of statements that tell you where you “should” be, you start belittling yourself.  You start to focus on self-knowledge and take control.  Thinking that you “should” be at a certain place in your life other than where you currently are can prove to have negative consequences.  You can shift your focus to being grateful just by redirecting and changing your thinking around.  The problem with staying stuck in where you think you “should” be is simply that you are not there and living in a fantasy world isn’t going to bring you there magically.  All these “should” comments set up an expectation for yourself that you don’t need to be putting pressure on yourself for.  Commonly, these statements stem from the comparison of others.  Seeing that someone else is at a certain point in their life may make you wonder why you haven’t reached that milestone and then you may find yourself believing that you “should” be there already.  This is why it has been said time and time again that comparison is the greatest thief of joy.  Most of the time what you see isn’t the whole truth anyway.  The saying “the grass is greener on the other side” goes to say that things aren’t always as they seem.  People love to make their lives seem a certain way and others perceive it to look astonishing, but the ones who truly enjoy it are typically the ones doing just that – enjoying it usually unseen.  In the end, the grass is green where you water it.  Putting in the effort, taking the time, and doing the hard work to reach the point of success is what will prove to allow you to accomplish your goals.  Being grateful can help get you to this point because it will provide you with the ability to see that where you currently is good enough.  All that you have is wonderful and you can appreciate your life for all that it is worth.

Seeing that life is not about having the most or being the greatest can bring true humility.  With this, an individual can be in better touch with what is really important in life.  This is where being grateful comes into play as well because the meaningful relationships seem to matter the most and simple moments most cherishing in turn.

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