A smile  is  contagious. We’ve all heard this phrase at some point in our  lives.  Well, the same goes for laughter. It is infectious and even  has  physical, mental and social health benefits.
A good dose of laughter is proven to help relieve stress including the stress that can develop  during recovery. Laughter relaxes your body by relieving tension and  stress. The end results are relaxed muscles for at least an hour. Not  only can laughing relieve stress, it also gives the immune system a  boost by increasing immune cells and infection-fighting antibodies. For  recovering addicts, the immune system boost can naturally help our  bodies recover from some of the health issues caused by addiction.

The endorphins that are  released when you laugh increase your sense of well-being. Endorphins  are chemicals in your body that make you feel good. These endorphins  make us feel more positive.  Laughter can also improve one’s resilience,  an essential part of recovery.

Socially, laughing helps to strengthen relationships  and ease conflict. Laughing  can also help teams work better together and  promote group bonding so  when working with a group, keeping the mood  light can be beneficial.

There are  many physical, mental and social benefits  provided by a little bit of  laughter. All of these benefits will help  someone recovering from  addiction to keep going with recovery and  hopefully make things a  little easier.

May 12  is  International Laughter Day

Here’s how to  infuse a little more laughter into your  life.

The simplest  way is to smile. It’s true what is said  about smiling, that it is  contagious and smiling at someone can  brighten their day and yours.  Plus, a smile is how laughter starts.

Everyone has  a  friend or family member who is the jester of the group. By  spending  more time with that person, there is always a good chance that  laughter  will happen. Also, by not taking yourself or life so  seriously, it can  help you deal with stress and helps to keep life in  perspective.

Some simple  activities can also bring around  laughter. Try watching a funny movie or  television show. The funnies in  the newspaper can also spur a chuckle  or two. Host a game night with a  game like Apples to Apples or Catch  Phrase, there’s always room to  have fun with games like these.

All in all,  humor and laughter can be used to help  deal with issues or problems in  our lives. Laughter helps us connect  with people and become problem  solvers. Laughter helps make us happy  and keep our stress in check. By  making laughing an integral part of  your day, it will help you overcome  anything life throws your way.

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