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Recovery Talk: What Does Living In The Solution Mean?


Even when you come out of the pit of your addiction, there’s no guarantee that you are home free from all pain and suffering.  There’s nothing you can do but just try to endure any suffering that may come your way because let’s face it – life is beautiful but it can also seem like one big, complicated mess.  It’s a paradox because events can arise that seem senseless, hurtful, and downright unacceptable.  As an alcoholic and/or addict, you cannot be the one declaring these circumstances as passable according to your own judgement because ultimately it’s not up to your own authority.  The reality is that living in the solution and maintaining the feeling of an overall sense of contentedness is reliant upon living in the solution, which is central to practicing acceptance.  Who would you be to deem any person, place, or thing as unacceptable?  You cannot be criticizing the handiwork of all else.  This thinking ostracizes and segregates the world around you to create unnecessary buriers.  No matter how long or short the length of time you have spent in recovery, it can be extremely helpful to be continually reminded about how to live in the solution so that you can pull yourself out of self-involved, self-piteous, and selfish thinking that leaves you susceptible to relapse.

Living In The Solution

Try Your Best

An addiction can leave you feeling stuck as you strive to understand how obsession took such a hold of your life, but coming out of it allows you the ability to work on yourself through the process of recovery.  A program of recovery can show you as a recovering alcoholic and/or addict that even on the hardest, most challenging days when you know there’s nothing you can do over circumstances you are facing because you are powerless over the situations, it’s still okay.  You don’t have to use any type of mind-altering substance over it.  Even on days that you may fall short and slip into one or more of your defects of character, you still have the ability to pick yourself back up, get connected with another individual in recovery, and continue to just try to better yourself.

Easy Does It

Living in the solution also focuses on the positive as much as it gears you as an alcoholic and/or addict away from any notion that is directed on the problem.  It wouldn’t be far-fetched to presume that the problem has been glared at most of your life while you have spent a majority of your time critiquing on elements in the world.  Sometimes there’s nothing you can do except for take a step back and stop looking at what you think needs to be changed in the world so that you can focus on what needs to be changed within yourself.  It’s easy to look on the outside where everybody else, every place, and everything is, only to give a harsh critique.  It’s more difficult to see that the true area of opportunity is really in you.  Accepting the world as it is can help you find peace with it so that you can function throughout your day.  When you can live and let live, you will find that you are able to be calm in the day and your emotions don’t have the tendency to flutter all over the place or spoil your relations with others.


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