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Importance of Sharing with Others in Recovery

Everybody has hectic days, but when you as an alcoholic and/or addict have an unconventional and manic occurrence during the day, matters can quickly escalate to intense extremes.  When you’re recovering from an addiction, sharing with others is important because it can stop the heat of the moment and break the ice between people by allowing connections to unfold.   It’s only through being authentic and honest with one another that individuals can move forward, especially when it comes to alcoholics and/or addicts in the process of recovery.

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Sharing with Others

The benefits that stem from sharing with others in recovery are great.  When you as an alcoholic and/or addict can begin opening up about the details of your life, a connection can develop.  Addiction leaves its sufferers clinging to substances and trapped in isolation.  The disease of addiction wants alcoholics and addicts to think they are alone, so they can cower away in their misery to stay sick and suffering in self-pity with their ailment.  Mind games can easily ensue and complicate their mind.  However, relief can be found when you as the alcoholic and/or addict reach out and are able to communicate with another who genuinely understands what the thoughts rolling around throughout your alcoholic and/or addict head are like on a regular basis.  When you don’t speak with others, you get stuck in your own head with your own thoughts and it’s too simple to get stuck playing the victim.  You can get left feeling like you’re all alone and have nothing to offer the world when this couldn’t be more false.

Providing meaning in life

Sharing with others doesn’t have to be limited to meetings at Twelve Step fellowships and can additionally occur as appropriate throughout the day.  By being able to stop what you are doing and take the time to listen to someone else and provide personal feedback, you contribute your share to the relationship you hold.  This will get you outside of your own head long enough to be removed from your own selfish and self-seeking thoughts.  An alcoholic and addict mind can get extremely self-centered, but when they are sharing with others, the defect is reversed.  Building real and fulfilling relationships can provide meaning and make living worth the while.  Now that you are sober, able to keep your word, and life has become far more manageable, developing and maintaining steady relationships may have become noticeably less complex for you.  Having relationships is essential in life because they provide connection and compassion in a person’s life.  You may notice how when you are active in sharing with others, you become present in the moment and forget about the tasks at hand.  The typical daily functions cease to be important and you can be there as a support and provide advice.  You can be involved in the conversation and come alive by responding.

Help Others

When you are sharing with others, you allow yourself to be vulnerable and become willing to be open to trusting others with intimate details that make up aspects of who you are.  Beginning to share portions about yourself can help tell about your testimony and allow you to better understand yourself.  It’s important that you are adamant about sharing with others in recovery, as well as professionals, family, sober supports, and your sponsor about how you are doing with your recovery as well as just communicating as normal.  Communication is a key focus point for maintaining any relationship because it allows for both parties to get an understanding of one another and whether their needs are being met.  

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