Are Young Alcoholics Judged Coming Into the Rooms?

What’s the deal with young alcoholics anyway? Can you really be an alcoholic before turning the legal age to drink? Entering recovery, it can be scary because you may wonder what others think about you, especially older alcoholics. You may feel judged by them easily and feel stigmatized, feeling less than because you are younger, often forgetting the common bond of alcoholism, the nature of the disease, the fact that you are all sitting in that room for one common reason – the fact that you all became addicted to alcohol and were powerless over the ability to stop drinking on your own.

Young Alcoholics

It isn’t uncommon to have a bundle of irrational and illogical fears when first walking into the rooms. Feeling judged is a typical fear that strikes many newcomers – young and old. In fact, it’s safe to say that many young alcoholics sober up and find themselves in denial of their alcoholism. “But I’m too young to be an alcoholic,” are common phrases heard in the rooms. There is nothing like judgment of one’s own self to lure an alcoholic back to picking up the bottle and then heading them right back to active drinking. That is the insanity of the disease of alcoholism right there perfectly demonstrated. When you are drinking and find you cannot control the quantity, you may be suffering from alcoholism.

Alcoholism Is A Disease

The main concept to grasp about alcoholism is that it is a disease. Alcoholics work to recover from damage they have created and rectify any harm caused. Age may be a characteristic, but it is not a qualification for alcoholism. When a recovering alcoholic can help another fellow alcoholic or even just reach out and share one another’s experiences, they are able to connect on the basis of that one major common bond: the nature of the disease of the addiction to alcohol. In fact, Page 17 of Alcoholics Anonymous otherwise referred to as the Big Book, states, “The feeling of having shared in common peril is one element in the powerful cement which binds us. But that in it would never held us together as we are now joined.”

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