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The meaning of Halloween can seem different after entering recovery. Having your first Halloween experience sober may make you a little anxious at first, but that’s why it is imperative that you remain open to seeing just how much more there is to a holiday than the illusion that the use of alcohol and/or drugs provides.

The Meaning of Halloween

Halloween can be scary but not because of any of the ghoulish costumes or elaborate festive decorations. Society puts a great amount of pressure on the public that holidays are about getting wasted or high to commemorate the proper occasion when the meaning of Halloween truly gets lost. Suddenly, a night meant to be cherished among beloved friends and family can become a tangled mess of mischief and ridicule. The night meant for celebration can quickly slip away when you are busy spending it drinking and/or abusing other substances. When you come into recovery, you begin to develop the ability to actually experience each moment as it happens and be fully aware of what is presently occurring. You may find it more enjoyable because you can actually remember the good time you are having!

Sober Activities to Celebrate

So what fun activities can you and your friends find to best celebrate the meaning of Halloween while still staying sober? The fall season brings some unique activities that a person can truly appreciate when they are not influenced by mind-altering substances. Carving pumpkins, for example, goes hand in hand with Halloween and is often quite amusing, no matter how old you may be. Whether you decide to create them with funny faces, missing teeth, crazy cooky eyes, or angry pointy eyebrows, you can make a variety of Jack O’ Lanterns to put outside your home in celebration of the meaning of Halloween. You don’t have to stick to simple matters and only use pumpkins for carving. Pumpkins can also be used for baking pumpkin bread and pie. If you really enjoy baking and the fall season, you can invite some friends to go apple picking, bake a home made apple pie, and heat up some apple cider! Don’t forget to put some classic horror movies on in honor of Halloween. If you are able to, set up a bonfire outside or get your fireplace lit and tell ghost stories. Make it a competition to see who can tell the scariest or funniest tale. If you like to get out more than you like to stay in, then you should search online or look in your local paper to see if there are any local hay rides, corn mazes, or haunted houses. These are ideal activities for getting a good, old fashioned scare while still staying sober!

These kinds of activities become more enjoyable while you are sober in recovery because you will actually be aware of what is going on instead of being intoxicated and missing out on how beautiful it is to spend these precious moments with one another. It’s these little moments that really mean the most and highlight the meaning of Halloween because that is where the bond is created and further developed in the relationships between the people you are around, which is truly where joy is stemmed from.

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Happy Sober-Clean Halloween!

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