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Staying sober depends largely on changing your lifestyle and behaviors. A HUGE part of staying sober in recovery is learning how to have fun in recovery without using any mood or mind altering substances. Those new to recovery may view the early weeks and even months as doom and gloom. Rarely have we ever felt good without putting a substance into our system; for some of us it just doesn’t seem possible. That is just one of the many lies your disease wants you to believe. Make a decision to work the entire program, and I promise you will learn what it means to be at peace within your own skin. Today I can laugh and not take myself so seriously, which makes this world a beautiful place to be.

It is next to impossible to work through your life issues on your own! We‘ve all tried it before and it did not work out so well. Twelve step fellowships do one thing VERY WELL! They offer you an environment where you can meet people, make friends, have sober fun, and talk through some of the things that a person that does not struggle with this disease could not possibly understand. This is not only cleansing for the soul, but a way to begin to fit in. Having fun in recovery begins with realizing you are never alone in recovery unless you choose to be. The sooner you realize this the sooner you can let go and enjoy a life beyond your wildest dreams!

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