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How Do I Explain My Addiction To My Parents, Spouse, Or Friends?

Explaining your addiction to the people you love can seem like a delicate task, but you should remember that it is going to benefit the relationships you have with each and every one of them in the long run.  Once you are able to talk with your loved ones about your addiction, you will most likely experience relief yourself.  Whether you want to talk about your disease of addiction with your parents, spouse, or friends, there are some aspects to consider that might prove to be beneficial in your discussion.

How Do I Talk About My Addiction?

There are some essentials to have in mind when talking about your addiction with your loved ones.  Some preparation may include thinking about how you will address the issue of your addiction and the words you may want to use when doing so.  Sometimes talking it over with a good friend, professional, or counselor can help you not just practice, but also get feedback on whether you should add in something or leave any parts out.  If you are planning on discussing your treatment options with your parents, spouse, or friends, you may find it helpful to do some research prior to when you admit to them that you are in an active addiction.  Look over and take into account some options like inpatient rehabilitation centers, outpatient treatment programs, and 12-Step Fellowships.  This will help you know what to say when you address the fact that you need help.

When talking to your loved ones about being in active addiction, remember to be honest.  You don’t have to get into all of the elaborate details about your drug or alcohol use, but you should answer their questions and in a respectful manner.  It might even help everyone involved to discuss how you behave when you are actively using, that way your loved ones will be able to notice and reach out to you if they notice the occurrence. This is the right time to tell them what you have been feeling and what you are currently going through.

Patience is important when speaking to anyone about your addiction, particularly the people you may be closest to like family, friends, and your significant other.   There is a possibility that they have no idea about what you have been struggling with and then on the other hand, they may have known all along.  Either way, it may take them some time to come to terms with the fact that you have been stuck in an unhealthy addiction.  Being easygoing about giving your loved ones time to adapt allows all people involved to take into consideration how they feel before speaking up about it.  This can avoid some disheartening thoughts on the matter from being shared, or at least have them put into a more effective and non-triggering format.

Talking to your loved ones about your addiction can be uncomfortable, so try to relax.  Remind yourself that you are doing the next right thing by trying to take whatever measures necessary in order to recover.  

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