Stages Of Alcoholism, Drug Addiction, And Recovery

The stages of alcoholism and addiction can seem alarming, but there are steps you can take to treat your disease.  Awareness is necessary when it comes to figuring out if you have a problem with alcohol and/or drugs.  If you have been displaying any signs of alcoholism and addiction you may require treatment for a full recovery.  In the midst of your disease, you may find yourself wondering what the stages of alcoholism, addiction, and recovery even look like.  In order to get better, you have to better understand the process of how your disease can grow and how your recovery can too.

What do the stages of alcoholism and addiction look like?

In the beginning stages of alcoholism and addiction, you may appear to just be abusing a substance until it grows into a demanding habit that overpowers your own thoughts.  You quickly could have went from using occasionally, with friends, or just for fun to using by yourself, regularly throughout the day or week, and to stop any physical withdrawal you may have began to experience.  This early on in the stages of alcoholism and addiction you probably focused more on the alcohol and/or drugs than anything else that you previously liked to do or were committed to, like sports, hobbies, school, and work.  Some family and friends may have noticed your distanced behavior and said something, but you might not have wanted to hear it and just put their worries at bay by rebuffing them.

As your alcoholism and addiction began to progress for the worse, your behaviors were falling short of normal as well.  You may have stopped eating almost entirely, taking care of your own hygienic needs, and even sleeping the proper amount.  At this point, you might have started to grow worried because you might have seen that your life was in the process of getting more unmanageable from taking your substance more.  Denial could also play a part here, though, as this too is a part of the stages of alcoholism and addiction.  You may not have wanted to see how serious your disease was getting and how out of control it was making you.

The most harmful stages of alcoholism and addiction can lead you to do certain things that you would not normally do.  Your disease may bring you far enough to steal from strangers or even those you love most, use during school or work times, overdose or get physically sick in the hospital, and become physically aggressive.  Whether you scared yourself or hadn’t realized how out of control your life had gotten until looking back, you hopefully managed to seek help through treatment through a rehabilitation facility, therapy, or 12-Step fellowship meetings.

The stages of alcoholism and addiction brought you to the worst despair, but you hopefully you found your way to recovery.  Every day is not always easy but the effort to better yourself and live a more manageable life without the use of alcohol and/or drugs has probably made a major difference in how you live your life.  The process of recovery is not promised to be smooth sailing and it is okay to get stressed out, but trudging through and sticking with sobriety should be your priority. 

If you feel you may be struggling or need someone to talk to about your alcoholism, addiction, or recovery, contact The Watershed today.

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