How You Are Sabotaging Your Own Happiness


If you have been in or around addiction enough you may have heard the same tune over and over again from some people. “I’ve tried recovery and it doesn’t work for me.” But what is really going on there? Does recovery not work, or are you just not willing to take the necessary action to recover?

Self-Sabatoge And Your Recovery


Many addicts don’t even notice they have a problem, so recovery seems pointless. Denial is usually a coping mechanism that some people use so they don’t have to face whatever issues are ailing them. So if you’re unwilling to listen to others who think you might have a problem with drugs, little can be done until you are serious and ready. This is where enabling someone who is in active addiction can actually have the power to kill.


Unwilling to change your attitude, behavior, and lifestyle in order to stop using drugs will continue to block you from recovering long-term. It’s honestly that simple. Usually that unwillingness turns into lies and deception in order to protect your addiction.


Believing you have all the answers or know what needs to be done without taking any suggestions as it relates to your recovery is another reason many don’t make it back into the rooms. This is usually driven by ego, which brings us to our next point below.


Having an ego is not all that bad, but when it’s a false ego, it can prevent you from allowing yourself to identify with others in the program of recovery. An ego can separate you from others and give you the belief that you either don’t have it as bad as other addicts, or that you are better than them. Either way, it will prevent you from learning. Know-it-alls can’t absorb new information.


Usually pride accompanies that false ego. Being too proud can be the difference between happiness and misery. Pride can get in the way of allowing you to be vulnerable to others. When we are not vulnerable around those who are trying to help us, we can’t absorb the information that can actually change our lives.


If you are allowing a loved one or partner to dictate and control your life so much so that you are not even attempting to enter rehab or the rooms, then you will continue to spiral deep into your addiction. Sometimes our loved ones think they know what is best for us and literally try to fix you, but no one person can fix you. Listening to people who don’t have your best interest in mind is not safe and will not help you stay sober long-term.


If you have attempted recovery a few times, you may have built a resentment that 12-step programs, rehabs, sober living environments, and outpatient programs don’t work. The truth is, if you don’t do the work or put in the effort, then these programs will not work. They are not designed to cure you; they are designed to help you keep your addiction in remission. If you are truly committed, honest, willing, and open-minded to recovery, your chances of staying sober long-term are extremely high.

Recovery Is About Action

Recovery is about action and if you are not willing to put in the action, it will continue to be difficult to get anything out of it. Stop allowing your thinking to prevent you from actually living a happy, joyous, and free life without the use of drugs and alcohol. Recovery works and it can work for you today if you want it.

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