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What To Do When You're Struggling In Recovery

When you’re an alcoholic and/or addict whose struggling during a difficult time in your recovery, it can be challenging to appreciate life.  However, you can be grateful for each day you make it through without picking up a drink and/or drug.  Instead of focusing on where could be stronger in your recovery, you should look at how far you’ve come along and use it as motivation to continue along in your journey. 

Struggling In Recovery

It’s through the painful circumstances alcoholics and addicts are pushed into recovery mode.  Pain can cause enough willingness to get better because people can’t stand to endure the pain any longer.  Struggle can make or break a person.  It’s the difference between pushing a person to get to where they need to be to recover.  Nobody relishes in suffering, but it’s through pain that alcoholics and addicts like yourself come to necessary realizations, become motivated, and are finally able to move forward by finding ways to truly appreciate life with a completely new outlook through a way of thinking they may have never otherwise had.


Stopping to calm yourself seems obvious, but it can be forgotten easily.  Going back to the basics can be vital for you during struggling times.  If you’re frustrated, try sitting down for a moment, relaxing yourself, and closing your eyes.  Take a deep breathe and focus on your senses.  Listen to the sounds you hear and remind yourself you’re at peace.  Life can become unbelievably hectic but remember to catch a breath because otherwise you tire yourself out running around with high expectations of yourself.  You are only human and you are bound to fall short at times.  It’s okay that you’re not perfect, but you can pick yourself back up and still accomplish what needs to be done.  Take a breath because you’re getting along fine.

Sober Supports

During times of struggle, it can be essential to reach out to others, especially sober supports and close trusted friends.  Building and maintaining authentic relationships is crucial.  A key piece to this is actually being able to take the time to genuinely ask about how their day went, listen to what they are saying, and become engaged in the conversation.  Being able to react and having the ability to be present for the conversation is a gift of sobriety.  When active in addiction, it’s likely your head was in the clouds because your only focus was on substances.  Keeping in mind that you have the ability to do this in sobriety can help you appreciate life more, even in times of struggle.  It should make you want to reach out to the people you care about most, especially when you’re going through problematic times.

Sobriety can give an alcoholic and/or addict like yourself a new perspective that allows you to appreciate life when you’re going through rough times in your recovery.

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