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Ways to Live Happy, Joyous, and Free in Sobriety

Whether you’ve been in recovery for an addiction to alcohol and/or drugs for a short period of time or several decades, sobriety may seem as though it’s beginning to get monotonous.  You can change your attitude by reigniting the fire when you learn about new ways to live happy, joyous, and free.

Ways to Live Happy, Joyous, and Free

You may have already tried these ways to live happy in sobriety, but revisiting some of the techniques or implementing additional changes to the routines can prove effective in aiding to a more meaningful life.


Exercising doesn’t just promote your physical health, but it’s also been proven that exercise can benefit you by releasing chemicals in the brain and produce endorphins that make you happy.  This can contribute to a better overall state of mental and emotional well-being.

Stop holding grudges

If you had to choose between being happy or right, then wouldn’t you want to live happy?  Holding a grudge against other people means you are keeping resentments and burying anger inside of you.  This can end up hurting you because you’re robbing yourself of joy.  Stop wasting time and burning up energy foolishly by staying angry.  Learn to let go through moving forward with your own life.  You can do this by understanding that because everybody is different, not everyone will act the same way.  Try to see each situation from a separate perspective.

Experience nature and outdoors

Listen to the birds chirp.  Look at the sky.  Go hiking in the mountains.  Watch the sun set.  These simple actions all bring you back down to reality to experience true peace and joy.  It can pull you away from all the hectic technology of today’s time and show you how simple life can be.  True freedom can be exposed to you as you watch simplicity at its finest.

Invest time in reading books

Odds are that you didn’t have your face in between pages while you were hooked on substances, but now that you’re clean and sober you have the time to invest in some reading.  You can discover a new method of getting outside of this world while still promoting your sobriety by indulging in a fictitious book or you can choose to enhance your knowledge by picking up educational literature.

Set goals for yourself

When actively drinking and/or abusing drugs, it’s not unlikely you set the bar low for yourself, but now you have the ability to change that.  You may have already come up with several goals to implement in your life.  However, have you written them down?  Thinking of a goal and putting it down on paper are completely different.  When you commit to writing down a goal, it becomes real and then you know you have a mission you are striving toward. 

With these suggestions for ways to live happy, joyous, and free, you are bound to reignite the fire in your belly during your sobriety.  You won’t have to fret over your recovery causing your life to become dull.  Life is too short and precious to get wrapped up in any mundane routine anyway, so you want to be sure you are making the most of it!  Remember, you didn’t get sober to be unhappy but instead live your life to the fullest while being present and aware of the moments as they happen.

Are you unable to enjoy your life because you’re trapped in the cycle of addiction to alcohol and/or drugs?  Contact The Watershed for help now because you don’t have to stay stuck in addiction.  You can be living happy, joyous, and free, so call today!

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