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Personal Growth: Going Through Growing Pains


When problems arise, the alcohol and/or addict may be used to quickly turning to alcohol and/or drugs but now they have to face the situation with a sober mind and see just how they can implement important principles into their newfound sober lifestyle.  A sober lifestyle goes beyond more than abstinence from alcohol and drugs.  Sobriety constitutes the ability to make less destructive, healthier choices in life and when poor decisions or mistakes are made, they hopefully find the inner strength to be accountable and make amends to anyone who may have been harmed when caught in the cross fire.  In fearful times where there is great distress, it can seem as though there is no resolution.  This is what the disease of addiction would like for you to believe.  It wants you to think that there is no hope even after you have found or entirely reconstructed it.  This is why it is imperative that when calamity tempers its way back into your life, you immerse yourself with others in recovery and redirect your efforts into being of service to others.

Personal Growth: Pause During Problems

In chess, if a player is unsure of a move to make, he is wise at best to not make a move at all.  As it pertains to recovery, if an alcoholic and/or addict is unsure about what to do in a particular circumstance in their life, they should abstain from doing anything at all.  By not doing anything at all, the opportunity is given for clarity.  When clarity occurs, the alcoholic and/or addict is able to look past the fallacies in their life that keep them stagnant or decant from spiritual growth which is necessary for the malady of the disease of which they suffer.  To a typical person, doing nothing can seem simple.  But what sounds like such a simple matter can be a difficult task for the alcoholic and/or addict because of how complex people they usually are.   An alcoholic and/or addict may however be keen on sticking to their instincts, which in theory may sound good, but this can easily get them into trouble.  When these gut feelings are followed, this sense of bewilderment is followed and false hope is satisfied.  The individual sets themselves up and solely runs on this self-will bound journey.  When their thinking is rooted on what they think is best, a rapid drop can follow shortly thereafter.  The alcoholic and/or addict must be willing to set aside what they know and pause the situations currently occurring to take a look at what they are truly facing.  The answers will come when they are open to prospering their spiritual boundaries to which there is no ceiling high enough to restrain them with limitations.  This means that the individual will be granted an unthinkable inner change.  With more progress done spiritually through this, fallacies will hold no such boundaries.  There will be no more people taken out in the cross fire.

Enhancing Personal Growth

Growth should always be seen as a positive aspect!  In times of struggle, however, growth is typically one of the best gears to shift toward in motivation to get out any uncomfortable and unwanted feelings.  So, what are some ways that you can enhance your personal growth?  Taking the time to read works of literature on topics that promote wellness, spirituality, beliefs, lessons, morality, ethics, recovery, or teach you something of value can be particularly stimulating and cause your mind to expand.  Anything that broadens your mind like this can help enhance your spirituality and allow you to grow as a human being.  Meditating also has a great reputation for doing this as well because it gives you a great conscious contact with your inner self and the surrounding present world you reside in.  Group studies, discussions with friends, nature walks, listening to music, and even picking up a new hobby are among a few other suggestions that can assist you in practicing healthy ways of mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually developing on your journey toward personal growth.


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