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The concept of a self will run riot may be an idea that comes naturally to an alcoholic and/or addict.  However, recovering individuals may not realize they have been on one until after the fact.  It’s easier to reflect back on the story after the damage has already been done and the person can look back to wonder what they were thinking instead.

Definition of Self Will Run Riot

What exactly defines a self will run riot?  Like it is stated on Page 62 in the Alcoholics Anonymous Big Book, the definition of a self will run riot can best be described as self-reliance being placed before being humble.  When an addicted individual has crossed over and is actively engaging in behaviors that constitute as living in such a mode that promotes this method of self will, they may not initially realize how detrimental their behavioral patterns are until later conducting more introspective viewing.  When they can take a better look at their own actions through inventory and see how they have been acting, then they can better understand how to combat their addictive nature and tackle it with the utmost of sincerity.  In active addiction to alcohol and/or drugs, matters can easily get muddled as individuals may often wonder what exactly constitutes as self will.  Addicted individuals tend to want what they want when they want it, not realizing how selfish and self-seeking these tendencies are or that their actions impact the lives of others around them as a result, which often stems from their substance use.


Geographical fix

Fleeing on a trip can constitute as a self will run riot because wherever the individual goes, not only are they stuck with themselves but this also means that they can’t run from the problems going on in their life.  Each individual should learn effective ways of dealing with the problems that arise in their lives instead of physically leaving every time something goes wrong in their life.  When a situation doesn’t look how the individual would prefer it to look, it usually means the person is criticizing the way of the world and claiming it doesn’t look right, according to their conviction.  This is an issue regarding control because the individual believes that the way they view their life is the right and only way of viewing it.

False ideals of romance, relationships, and/or intimacy

Self will run riots can involve misconceptions regarding romantic, relational, and/or intimate endeavors.  These can typically involve occurrences where individuals manipulate situations with counterparts they come across to go their way.  Actions like these can manifest when individuals get the driving urge that they must have these people and/or their feelings reciprocated.  Obsession is born from this and a self will run riot is ensued.  There is a great deal of control played in this scenario, which is why the notion of self will becomes evident while scheming and underhanded manipulation comes out.  Even when alcoholics and addicts aren’t active in their use and haven’t picked up a substance, they can put their emotional sobriety at risk by heading off to the races on this self will run riot.

With just a couple examples of how a self will run riot can take over an addicted individual’s mindset, it can be seen how cunning, baffling, and powerful the disease of addiction is.  Self reliance will fail the alcoholic and addict, but humility will pull the individual through the recovery process when they strive to understand the principle and stray away from trying to control every aspect of their life.

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