What is the surrender definition? As it pertains to recovery from the disease of addiction and alcoholism, surrendering can deal with letting go and beginning to implement necessary changes.

Surrender Definition

The surrender definition is to “cease resistance and submit to authority” or the action of turning over and giving in a compulsion. This is the revolutionary change that most addicts and alcoholics are pivotally anticipating as they embark on their journey in recovery.

Many sufferers are waiting for that monumental moment when they can say that they had that feeling of complete understanding that their lives had been thrown into total transformation. Many individuals are stuck in resistance mode because they have become accustomed to a mindset where they remain closed down from others. Opening up to people and being authentic could seem like absolute audacious behavior. When pain becomes unbearable enough, the addict and/or alcoholic will be nudged with pressure to try something new. This tipping point is the utter realization that they aren’t happy, joyous, or free but instead sick and tired of it.

Are you having trouble surrendering?

It is important for you to know that each individual will recover in time at their own pace because each person’s journey is their own since everybody has their story. Someone may have a quicker recovery process and understand certain concepts more clear or concise at an earlier phase in their development but for others it can occur at a later stage. In order to fully surrender you must first be willing, honest, and open-minded to the idea of recovery.

Are you still struggling to surrender to the program of recovery? Try attending multiple meetings and remember that it works if you are willing to work it!

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