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Understanding the Holiday Messages When You’re In Recovery

What are the holiday messages truly about? After embarking on the journey toward recovery of active addiction from alcohol and drugs, you may have come to realize what a true sense of appreciation for life is. This holiday you may get the opportunity to spend time with loved ones as you relish enjoying staying present in each moment as it happens instead of running rampant wondering when you will get your next dose of your substance of choice.

Holiday Messages Show Why Days Are Celebrated

The point of holiday messages highlights bringing people together in unity. It’s important that this gets practiced and not overlooked because it’s easy for people to get carried away with the materialistic concepts that holidays can often become associated with, like presents, food, and other luxuries. Holiday messages illustrate how time is limited. When family and friends can be brought together to put all else aside to rejoice, it’s special. To be able to be present instead of focused in a selfish mindset on a substance and instead be in the moment with other human beings and be passionate in authenticity and the relationships with them is far more rewarding, memorable, and precious. That is truly the greatest gift of the holidays.

The trouble with when in active addiction is that you can’t be in the present moment because of the insanity of the cycling mind, wavering its self-centered motives. You are stripped of what feels like your worth by missing out on your own life’s most valuable moments to which you can’t get back. You wind up robbing your loved ones of the time they deserve too, yourself of the passion in the life you deserve to be living, and the moments that your friends should be sharing with you. Now that it’s known as the most wonderful time of the year and the holiday messages exhibit how lovely it is that you are sober with your family, you can finally be able to be part of the moment you are in. You won’t be busy burning energy unwisely by living in your head elsewhere going a million miles a minute formulating all other details. On the days that got significantly difficult, you just kept going and now you get to be with others and celebrate. That is one of the most vital of holiday messages: that through the darkest days, you got through the trials and tribulations. You earned the seat you are sitting in and it has made all of the difference.

Ask yourself if you are satisfied. As humans, it may be part of nature to wonder if there is another dream to attain or fulfill or goal to achieve as you pull out your calendar to go over your intentions for the upcoming year, but being able to be in the present moment is just that: a remarkable present, and the best kind there is for the holiday season! Recovery brings quite an impacting change to such an extent you shouldn’t want to ever revert to the old behaviors you knew before because it no longer serves you.


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