Staying positive can get tough, but plowing your way through the hurdle as an alcoholic and/or addict to go through the process of recovery will prove to be worth it as you reap the benefits of being happy, joyous, and free in your sobriety.  There can be rough days where it seems like you’ll never find any peace, but this is just the false lie your disease wants to trick you into believing.

Learning How to Stay Positive

There are difficulties when it comes to staying positive when you are working on getting sober because life tends to throw curve balls that you may not expect.  You can stay positive however and may need to end up cutting ties with people who do not benefit your new way of life.  Take a look at the type of people you choose to associate and remain friendly with.  If they bring you down, then the unfortunate truth that you may be left to face is that the friendship is hurting you more than encouraging you.  Relationships should build you up, not tear you down.  Having harmful relationships in your life can impact your sobriety in a negative way.  Alcoholism and addiction are all about relationships and how sufferers of these diseases like you lack the ability to maintain them properly.  Whether you struggle with maintaining proper and healthy relationships, whether it’s in the family, among friends, with a significant other, members in society, or with anyone else, it all comes down to being able to mesh back into the world and feel okay being yourself without needing supplementary aid to help ease your mind.

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When you’re struggling to keep up with the work in your recovery and reverting back to familiar behaviors that might lead to drinking and/or abusing drugs, it’s strongly suggested that you stay positive about the fact that you have been doing the next right thing by moving forward by continuing with your program of recovery.  The reality is you don’t fix what isn’t broken, so don’t stop your program now.  Keep doing what you’ve been doing and stay positive.  Instead of veering off to former bad behaviors or pushing yourself too far with people you know you shouldn’t be seeing or talking to, places you shouldn’t be anywhere near, and things you shouldn’t be in sight of, you should focus on implementing healthier behaviors into your lifestyle that promote your program of recovery.  This will allow you to be lifted up rather than beaten to the ground and set up for a relapse.  When you stay positive and put one foot in front of the other, you are bound to move forward and get to the destination that you need to arrive at.  Healthy behaviors that people should be actively engaging in can include daydreaming, meditation, writing, walking, reading, exercising, sports activities, expressing feelings, and receiving feedback. 

The disease of alcoholism and addiction is not contingent on when the alcoholic and/or addict decides they would like for the obsession to drink and/or drug to be removed.  Recovery doesn’t happen like a magic trick; it takes serious work and isn’t instantaneous.  You may need to be patient while staying positive and taking the recovery process one day at a time.

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