Learning To Show Up For Others In Recovery


The person you were when you were active in your addiction to alcohol and/or drugs was likely to be the type that was consumed with self but the countless benefits of sobriety can include allowing you to learn the significance of showing up for life which thankfully pulls you outside.  This could be the greatest gift because it emanates the psychic change that battles the worst of your disease – a sickness of self.  The effects of sobriety can take fold on your every day behavior in the most beautiful way by providing you with the ability recognize selfish and self-seeking tendencies.

Showing Up for Life

In order to understand how far you’ve come as a result of your recovery, you should take a look back at where you were when you were active in your disease.  Remembering how sick you were when you were acting out in selfish, self-seeking, dishonest, and fearful ways shows the progress you’ve made.  Considering specific moments when you affected others negatively can prove how your drinking and drugging impacted more than just you.  The person you were might have been the type that was too busy to respond to your loved ones phone calls because you were out abusing substances late at night and unable to stop to speak with them.  It didn’t matter if there was an emergency because you needed to get right with yourself.  You didn’t care about anyone other than yourself.  Work, school, projects, financial responsibilities, and other obligations did not matter.  The life you had commitments and responsibilities for ceased to matter because you were held captive to your addiction.  Substances were directing your every notion; they were the main driving force in your life.

Today, now that you are working a program of recovery and thinking more clearly, you are able to see the truth and veer away from selfishness because you aren’t actively searching for your next dose to get right with yourself.  You can instead show up for the people you care about.  Sobriety can not only allow you to be present in conversation with others, but can bring you to realizing how vital showing up for life is.  This means engaging with others and not just having meaningless conversation but rather taking the time to be part of what’s going on.  Saying what you feel and meaning what you say by connecting can instill authentic moments that add up to what makes sobriety worth it.  When you were out there drinking and drugging, you may have been craving real moments to fill that gaping hole inside of you, but you instead filled the void with alcohol and/or drugs.  The reality is substances cannot create any substantial, lasting joy.  If a loved one or newcomer in recovery contacts you, the person you are today now that you are clean and sober is likely to be reliable.  You are dependable and can pick up the phone today because you aren’t consumed with yourself or getting the next fix.

Relieving The Obsession To Pickup 

To be relieved of the obsession to drink and/or drug is nothing short of a miracle and showing up for life is something you should not take for granted.  The disease of addiction can pull you away from being present and keep you from seeing the truth about how you are affecting the lives of others around you.  The benefits of sobriety can include bringing you back to reality to help you be able to discover the importance of being there for people like your loved ones.


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