How many times have you found yourself unable to experience being present living in the moment you are in?  You may regularly go through these spouts of frustration whether you endure your commute to work in a huff and a puff, dread that you will have to indulge in another tedious long day, sigh at the person ahead of you in the grocery store because they are holding up the line with their price check, feel incompetent when you can’t navigate directions to a new place you are driving to, or grow overwhelmed running around trying to take care of one matter after another.  After each task gets handled, you may find yourself with thoughts like…

I can’t wait until I get home.

I can’t wait until I can lie down.

I can’t wait until the weekend.

I can’t wait until the holiday.

With all this waiting, what happens to us being present and that moment?  We end up wasting throwing away all of this time that could essentially accumulate to half a lifetime eventually, and what are we waiting for anyway that is so important that we can’t enjoy where we are in the moment presently occurring?

What Does “Being Present” Really Mean?

Being present means having the ability to be aware of the moment currently occurring.  You would be able to live in the moment and experience life to the fullest extent.  This mindfulness should make you more in touch with the people you interact and surround yourself with.  It means that you will be able to appreciate the moments in life as they happen and enjoy life even when it isn’t particularly as pleasing as you would prefer for it to be.

Change your perspective.

You are going to need to adjust your thinking if you want to focus consciously on being present and living in the moment.  Finding specific things in the day to get excited for can motivate you and give more of a positive outlook for the day ahead.  With this, you will be able to enjoy where you currently are and find some good in it even if it is a tedious or strenuous moment you are experiencing.

Learn to appreciate

Instead of counting all of the faults in your life, you can focus on what you do have and enjoy that you have them now.  Try not to fret about anything and relish with what you have for today.  Understand that there are no guarantees and be grateful for the things you do have today.

When we fail being present and living in the moment, we are often miles away in our own worlds, living in our heads.  The problem with this is that we become focused entirely on our own selfish thoughts.  We separate from society and deter from relationships, putting up walls from others as we disconnect.  A huge aspect of life is about being authentic with others and building relationships, so without that, it is no wonder why life can so quickly grow meaningless and a depression can sweep by so abruptly.  When we live in our heads, we cheat everyone including ourselves out of living the lives we should be actively participating in and being of service to others in.  It’s an absolute shame to lack being present and to miss out on living in the moment in your own life.  Try being present by being aware of where you are, enjoying the moment at hand, and not wasting a second of the precious gift of life you were given.  You have a choice to make the most of the opportunities you experience.  We spend so much of our lives in anticipation, and what are we waiting for?  This causes us to miss out on all the moments leading up that make up our life, so make a conscious effort toward being present in living in the moment and actually living your life.


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