6 Life Changes That Occur During The Process Of Recovery

What life changes will be noticeable in recovery immediately and gradually over time?  This is a question that many addicts ask themselves both before and during their recovery process.  There are several benefits of recovery, especially when it comes to your well-being.

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Being Present

Being able to experience each moment as it happens is a gift.  During your use, you may have been focusing on one thing: getting your next fix of your drug of choice.  With true recovery, you may notice yourself able to appreciate where you are in the present.  Whether you are going for a walk, talking with a loved one, or enjoying a holiday with accompaniment, you will be able to partake in the activities whereas during your use you may have been more jumpier, agitated, or in your own head space.  You finally will see yourself not skipping the opportunity of living your own life.

Selfishness Fades

When you come off your drug run and work the program of recovery, you may see how your thoughts cease to be centered on yourself.  You may even be reaching out to others, offering suggestions that were once given to you, and helping others with something they are struggling with.  You will finally get the chance to admit you know what someone else is going through and act as support for them.

Clearer Mind

On alcohol and/or drugs, addicts lack a sense of stable and healthy thinking.  You can function better without the use of a mind-altering substance because you won’t be “playing doctor” by taking in chemicals that manipulate your natural brain chemistry.  Focusing and being able to concentrate may get easier as a result, making decisions less impulsive and not as difficult to make.

Optimistic Outlook

Abusing substances can make addicts wallow in self-pity, but when they become clean, they give themselves a chance to work through their struggles.  After this, they may have a better outlook on life.  Hope is restored in recovery and the pain begins to recede.

Listening to Your Conscience

In the process of recovery, you may develop a better sense of what you believe is right or wrong.  You may find that you can better listen to your conscience now that you are off your alcohol and/or drugs.  When you were taking substances, you probably had to lie, cheat, steal, and partake in other unhealthy behaviors. Now, honesty may become an inadvertent habit.

Understanding Yourself

You may have lost an understanding of who you are when you were in the midst of your addiction because you became something you probably never thought you could be.  The situations you may have placed yourself in and the behaviors you displayed during your substance abuse probably transformed you into someone other than yourself.  Getting sober allows you to rediscover the person you were meant to be.  It can be especially exciting to relearn your interests, passions, and thought process.  When you are able to get to know yourself and your true desires in life, you may find motivation to better achieve your goals.

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The benefits of recovery and the changes you may see in yourself are infinite.  Every day will give you the opportunity to better yourself progressively.

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