A key component to moving forward is facing the reality that one must let go of the past.  If an addict and/or alcoholic wants to reap the benefits in the process of recovery and not just stray away from substances but genuinely flourish as a sober individual living by the principles they have been exposed to, then they must be willing to toss the baggage of yesterday away and take the leap of faith to wherever that may bring them.  Coming into recovery, an individual may get frustrated because it’s likely that as an alcoholic and/or addict, they are accustomed to their own organized way of living.  Recovery opens doors to an entirely different approach that the active substance user might never have even fathomed with a vivid outlook that expands beyond the expression of words.

Let Go the Past to Move Forward

C.S. Lewis once said, “There are far, far better things ahead than any we leave behind.” 

When you find it within you to let go of the past and any pain you carry along with it, you can truly begin to heal and find peace.  One day you may come to find out that the life you were given was far better than anything you had invested in as your own plan anyhow.  Focusing on the moment you are in, you can accept that where you are is exactly where you are meant to be, even if you aren’t doing exactly what you feel you should be doing.  Thinking a statement like that in itself could get you into a negative, unprecedented mindset.  When you cloud your mind with all of these weary “should” statements, you are saying that you know best and slipping into a world of disillusionment.  Seeing through such debauchery of your own superior complexity will allow you to dodge disaster because when self-knowledge kicks into gear, the outcome can be fatal for the alcoholic and/or addict.  True contentedness can grow apparent when life is accepted on life’s terms.  The past is the past and the sooner it is realized that the individual never had control over it anyway, the quicker they can find absolution from the prison they hold themselves in over mistakes of the past.  This is not to say that harm done cannot be rectified.  There is a time and place for amends to be made when appropriate.  As it pertains to the alcoholic and/or addict, sober supports are often sought out for advisement of this phase in their developmental process.  But overall, the past is meant to lie exactly where it is.  The major change that needs to take effect is in the thinking of the alcoholic and/or addict because the root of their disease manifests itself not just physically, but mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

A lack of growth can cause an alcoholic or addict to step backwards in their recovery.  If the alcoholic and/or addict fail to continually expand their horizons and work to progress their health, it can be seen almost as though they are giving in to the temptation of stagnation.  Despite society instilling the message that when a child or person is lost their best bet is to stay put, the alcoholic and/or addict does not benefit by doing nothing.  Recovery takes effort and hard, strenuous, copious amounts of effort.  It may come to a point when the individual is in an ocean of vulnerability and treachery, on the verge of indulging on the temptation of their addiction.  Does the alcoholic and/or addict sink or swim?  It can all go back to how strong their understanding is behind the essence of living away from selfish and dishonest immoral components that feed alcoholic and addict tendencies.

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