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How to Act As If During the Process of Recovery from Addiction

When in the process of recovery from an addiction, a common suggestion may be to act as if. This can be a confusing concept for the recovering addict to comprehend, especially early on. Allowing such a heavy theme to digest can prove to be beneficial for the addict as they trudge their way to learning more about the disease they have and divulging into working on themselves to pry away at the root of what drives them to act out on their addiction.

Act As If to Recover

The recovering addict may first ponder what exactly it even means to act as if. A sober support may suggest that along the way the recovering individual continue on in trusting their program of recovery as if they are recovered by taking suggestions, reaching out to other sober supports, and continuing to believe that recovery is attainable. The idiom of faking it to make it has proven to have worked for many individuals striving toward recovering from addiction because eventually these “acts” begin to stick like glue in the addict’s life and become more ritualistic or genuine in nature. In other words, what may begin as the addict having to act as if during the process of recovery from an addiction may transcend into authentic routine for the recovering individual through progress and transformation when they become entirely ready by having willingness to grow.

The Art of Surrendering

Many individuals in recovery wind up surrendering their will, only to take it back and try to control matters in their life that they realistically know they have no power over anyway. This constant back and forth can cause frustration in their own lives and they may see how simpler it could be just to wave that white truce flag from the beginning by accepting the things they already know they cannot change. When individuals can stop burning up all this energy so foolishly and let go of this burden of worrying about trying to keep such a strict mandate on life’s ordinance by instead remaining in peace with the ebb and flow of how it goes, then they will find far more contentment with themselves and others.   When an individual in recovery can act as if, they begin to show signs of surrendering because they are willing to go to any lengths to recover from their addiction to try to recover to achieve that sense of peace.

Surrendering to the process of recovery can be an essential piece to an individual’s recovery because it shows that the individual is willing to give every bit of themselves in order to get better. It comes back to how badly the individual wants to recover and if they are truly willing to take each of the allotted necessary suggestions that have worked for a great many others before him. What used to be somewhat robotic or told to the recovering addict may now be more wanted by the individual as opposed to a demand or requirement. It won’t feel so commercial or artificial. The recovering addict can feel like the divine and authentic self moving forward with their recovery and able to help others as they begin to suggesting that they act as if until they can genuinely know to do otherwise in their recovery.

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