Life Management Skills: Create A Better Future In Recovery


Knowledge of life management skills can benefit you in your recovery from alcohol and/or drugs. When you find healthy ways to cope with life on life’s terms, you will find you have a better grasp on how to handle the business of living. When you were abusing drugs and/or alcohol while stuck in the active use of your addiction, you may have found it difficult to hold a job or keep up with work, maintain relationships with friends and family, and handle your financial responsibilities. Areas in life that other people are able to manage may seem increasingly difficult in your sobriety, but don’t let the little things throw you into a distressed state. Keep calm and take into account that you can learn of ways to manage areas of your life. You just might need to give yourself some time to practice and adjust to new methods of living, so be patient and try to keep calm.

Life Management Skills

Seeking Employment

It can rough when you are a recovering addict and/or alcoholic and you are seeking employment. Rest assured because as long as you persevere with your search, an opportunity is bound to come up. Be sure to check out different web sites designed for job searching because the internet provides several updated listings of open positions. If you’re struggling with not hearing back from any employers that you have applied to online, then you may want to be proactive by job hunting the old fashioned way and introducing yourself to a hiring manager or supervisor of all local employers. It will definitely help to have a printed resume on hand and a list of references that are willing to say a good word or two about you.

Keeping A Job Upon Being Hired

Once you have a job, keeping it may grow to be a new challenge. Stress can easily form in the work place, so remember to take it, just as with your recovery, one minute at a time. Don’t get too overwhelmed with your job because if you’re really unhappy there, then there are plenty of other opportunities to look at in the future. Holding the job is going to require you to be on time, respectful to others at work, and have the ability to adhere to proper instruction or constructive criticism. As an addict and/or alcoholic, you may not like having to listen to other people, but when it comes to the work place, you need to become willing to do as your superiors say. When you come to work, you should be well-rested, fully prepared, and ready to work. Try to motivate yourself and push yourself to do the best you can.

Handling Finances

That first paycheck you get can be triggering for some people. Getting paid doesn’t have result in you purchasing drugs and/or alcohol and resorting back to abusing your substance of choice. The first part you need to remember about getting paid is that you will have to save some. The amount you will need to save will go toward what you pay for where you live, food, and other basic bills. Managing this doesn’t require too much effort. You may find it easiest to write down what you spend for each, that way you know how much you have to save and you will be able to figure out what you can spend on healthy materials or activities that promote your new sober lifestyle.

Maintaining Relationships

In the beginning of your recovery, having to deal with other people might have seemed tricky. Addicts and alcoholics aren’t exactly known for keeping healthy relationships [link to:] with significant others, family members, or friends. Being in recovery gives you the opportunity to work on and change this! You don’t have to talk to every person you know every single day, but regular contact with loved ones is healthy and may even make you happier overall. Discover some common interests with new friends and make plans to do something fun, like go to a movie or out to lunch. Take the time to listen to others and interact. This will also teach you how to be present in the moment and further promote your healthy recovery.









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