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I hope that everyone enjoyed their Halloween and got plenty of candy to last the year!

We are now gearing up for the holiday season. We will be having parties at our halfway house and TWA for Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years. And of course our alumni department will also be putting on our annual holiday shows at the facilities.

I always hated the holidays growing up. The main reason was because I was forced to spend time with family which was painfully uncomfortable for me. To make it worse, my family celebrated both Christmas and Chanukah so it was twice as grueling!

Now that I am sober and active in recovery, I look forward to the holidays. The recovery community puts together so many events so that even if we are unable to see our family, we don’t have to be alone.

My home group puts together a Thanksgiving potluck every year that takes place the last Sunday of November. The food is always so great and the desserts are even better. The local 12-step clubhouse also puts on what they call an Alkathon which is an event where they have meetings every other hour starting at noon on Christmas Eve and ending at midnight on Christmas.

Since joining recovery I have learned that I never have to be alone anymore and that it is important for me to show the newcomers how to enjoy their time in sobriety.



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