A Goodbye Letter to the Main Contributor of this Newsletter from our Alumni Program Manager

Gina Darr came to work in the Alumni Department 5 years ago, while still a resident at TWA. From the day she began there was one unmistakable trait about her that stood out – an intense desire to make a difference and a commitment to making that happen. Gina began as one of the first Alumni Coordinators, doing follow up calls with Alumni – ranging from those who left recently to those who had gone through years before, in an effort to offer both support and work to build a program with active Alumni. Gina later became a trainer of new staff and was truly an asset in that capacity due to her strong work ethic and strengths in connection, communication and documentation with Watershed Alumni and families. Gina would continue to develop and soon became a facilitator of specialized Alumni groups for PHP’s and IOP’s at TWA. Ultimately the Alumni Department was given the opportunity to have staff work AT TWS apartment properties, in an effort to connect with residents, build supportive relationships and strive to increase “connection” between residents in an effort to have a stronger “recovery community”. Of course Gina was one person that I knew FOR SURE should be there. Just as she did with everything else, she threw herself into the community, made great efforts to see those goals accomplished and truly made a tremendous impact on not only the community, but on those who lived there, both that she worked with AND that were impacted by her efforts to make their community better. We said our farewells to Gina Friday, September 12th; as she moved on to pursue her education and other venues of the field of addiction recovery. She will truly be missed – but thankfully, being an alumnus, it is not goodbye…but rather, “see you later!”

Rebecca Balko

Alumni Program Manager

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