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Greetings Fellow Alumni and Families,

Suiting up and showing up isn’t something I struggle with today, but what comes next, is. This weekend, I harnessed up for my second time, and put my life in the hands of another human being. Willingly I showed up for what some say is an insane act, jumping out of a perfectly good plane. As I walked out on the runway - wind blowing, blood pumping - I looked over at the man whose life I knew nothing about. At that moment I asked myself, why was it so easy for me to willingly place my life in his hands? Boarding the plane, adrenaline on high, I sat down and closed my eyes and prayed. Not for a safe jump, not for a safe landing, but for the ability to trust in him with the same amount of faith I was placing in my instructor.

Ask yourself, what would life be like if you really believed God had your back? Not superficial belief, but whole-heartedly, no questions asked, believed. For me, that would change my whole perspective on my existence on this earth. There would be no need to doubt, no need to worry, no need to consume my mind with endless amounts of unrealistic fears. Just as I believed I would be okay with the man strapped to my back as I jumped 1,400 feet into a free-falling abyss, I want to fall into God’s world of faith. That amount of freedom that would come from having one primary focus, to stay in his presence, and the view of the rest of the world, would be such a peaceful place. It sounds almost too easy. But for me it is not. I seem to be able to suit up and show up, but giving up is another story.

This weekend, Step Three took on a deeper meaning for me; I believe I finally realized what it is all about. The whole “God’s will” thing used to baffle me because, “Let’s face it,” I used to say, “Who knows what his will is for me anyway?” Then I’d continue trying to live up to something that I thought he wanted me to be, or what I thought I was supposed to become. Running on fear because I was never able to quite get where I envisioned I should be. WOW, that’s a lot of pressure….

As the door opened and the wind whirled wildly into the small aircraft, I crept toward the launching pad, with this complete stranger strapped to my back. I approached the door and looked out into the clouds at eye level, and the earth below. It was then I realized God’s will for me is to spend time with him, seek him, and acknowledge his presence. Grab hold of him just as tightly as I was strapped to the unknown man, and jump head first into his arms. For after all, God either is or he isn’t. What was my choice to be? Then and only then, will my will and his be aligned and I can be at perfect peace.


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Matthew H., Clean & Sober since 09/20/2013

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Gina Darr

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